Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Colors Combos for Hot Days of Summer…


Wow, oh wow is it ever hot.  The heat index is over 100 today and it has been this way for weeks.  Yes, I have mums blooming… and it is a bit too early, but these are so tiny only about 6 inches tall and I never pinched them back.  So I am enjoying them now, and they match this area, so I’m happy to see them blooming.  Next year as they get bigger I can hold them off for a bit maybe.


But I am happy to say the driveway plantings are holding their own in the unforgiving sun.  It has been hot for weeks, but we have had a few nice showers.  Much better than last summer, but as of this week my grass is looking a little bit crunchy in places.  That is pretty normal for Indiana summers.


I do not have any water supply in this area, so it relies solely on rainfall.  The mulch helps, but they still have to be super tough to thrive out here next to the hot rocks.


Making the correct choices on heat loving plants is key.  One of my very favorites is Blanket flowers… this one is a native, but I also grow several hybrids.  I swear it is a micro climate next to these boulders.  They absorb heat like an adobe wall, good in the winter…. not so good in August.


I tried to design this bed with brighter colors than the pastels around the house.  I used several shrubs area here with yellow daylilies, red irises (new to me, very excited to see them bloom next year), orange and yellow blanket flowers and rust garden mums scattered around them.  It is a very Fall inspired, “hot” color scheme.  I will say it is very pleasing and noticeable as you drive by, the orange flowers just pop!


Quite a few are evergreens, giving me some interest during our winter months.  My only pink is this spirea, but it does so well here, it can stay.  It reblooms all summer.  There is also a bit of lime green.  As these get bigger they will have more impact.


But as fall approaches my colors here are much brighter and hotter…. Golds, oranges and reds.  This sunflower is such a treat!  I am so happy I planted them out there and they have been such good bloomers.


I love all the different colors as the blooms mature.

This is the first year I have grown sunflowers and I love all the different colors. They blew over a bit in a recent storm and are tilting, but that makes them easier to see anyway. I have even picked a few to share and enjoy.


Here is the opposite side, it is a bit smaller. I have been adding seeds to this area for next year.  I am planting have more flowers with red in them like Cherry Brandy Rubeccia, Red Sneeze Weed, Red Papaya and Mac and Cheese Coneflowers.

This is a really good time to be seeding in my area. Remember for best results follow Mother Nature… when your perennials go to seed in the garden…. plant new kinds of seeds then as well.


These beds will be two years old late this fall, and everything was tiny when I planted them, but filling in nicely. I bought all of the shrubs on clearance for less than $3 each.

Here is the original post for this area...  "New Driveway Beds…What I’ve Been Doing!"

So here is a before....

And after!  I love to see the changes two years makes.
Happy Gardening….Brooke




  1. Hi Brooke,
    I can’t believe how good your driveway gardens look with no extra water. You made great plant choices!

  2. Hi Brooke,

    Your sunflowers are gorgeous and I love all your red, orange and yellow blooms! It is nice to through in a few evergreens like you have for interest. Have a great day!

  3. You have a lovely garden! My husband is from Indiana and has many fond memories of his Grandmother's garden and orchard.


  4. I rather enjoyed the birds singing here as I looked at your lovely blooms. The coneflowers and blanket flowers really are such warm, summer colours.

  5. You have so much blooming. It's hard to believe they survive only on rainfall. They truly are heat tolerant and you're right selection is everything. It all looks so pretty.

  6. Your garden looks wonderful!! Thanks for the tip about sowing seeds...I am going to try that this year.
    I'm your newest follower!...would love for you to follow mt too!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  7. Beautiful Summer gardens!
    Love your little dragonflys floating on your blog!!!!

  8. Thank goodness for pictures so we can actually see how far our gardens have come!


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