Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garden Update…

Well it is the 4th week of August, it is time for a garden update.  I cannot believe I am still taking as many pictures as I am.  I went back over last years photos and I have much more blooming this year.  I think in part this is because of all the annuals I did from seed late last fall and early spring.  But although it has been hot, we have had some decent rain this summer.  I am so thankful for that.  My heart goes out to all the gardeners in drought watching their trees and shrubs die.  If I could I would send it your way friends. 
I have many more pictures to share, but I will save them for another post.  This is a quick walk around the house for you…. join me in the gardens for a bit.


Here is a peek of the new rose garden.  All this was planted in March of this year.  I have more pictures to share of the roses.  This has been my greatest joy in gardening… the roses are my favorite.   I simply cannot believe how fantastic it is to have them blooming non-stop all summer.  There are 35 roses in this area, at least 10 are in bloom at all times.

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