Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Color At My Front Porch….

Welcome to the hot, dry days of August in Southern Indiana.  It has been a busy two weeks leading up the the first day of school tomorrow.  You might be amazed at how many things two girls need just to get on the bus in the morning.  I am excited for them to start a new school year, but sad they wont be home everyday.  I love having everyone here at the lake.  But life goes on….
And so does the garden…  I was the speaker at our garden club yesterday and listened to many of the members say they have “given up” on their garden.  I do understand not everyone is as gung-ho as I am.  But I think they might need to consider longer blooming shrubs and reseeding annuals.  Here is a Limelight Hydrangea, a great example of a late season performer.
I also have learned a very useful design tool.  Use you foliage as color.  I love burgundy and purple-red leaves on plants.  They don’t even need to bloom, but they stand out and add interest all season long.  Here are some great examples coleus and Wine and Roses Weilgea.
The front walk also has some reseeders…. the white is sweet alyssum and the purple is moss verbena.  They both come back on their own and bloom until frost.  They spill into my walkway and I enjoy the effect.
Purple Palace Coral Bells and a Japanese Maple compliment each other in front of one of the boulders.
IMG_0547 - Copy
This is Serrata Preziosa Hydrangea, one of my favorites… it has an interesting color show… starting with green leaves with red stems…. then green blooms that turn bright pink…. then as the blooms darken to a rich burgundy so does the foliage.  Great, great fall color!
IMG_0549 - Copy
This is Pink Diamond Hydrangea…. I am training it into a tree form.  It is another late bloomer.

These coneflowers are so pretty with the purple and cream.  They will be cut back soon and some Obedient plants will be take its place in the color here.
Pink Fairy roses and my Red Heart Althea tree.  Many daylilies are in this area as well.  I have since cut all this back and you can see the roses better.
I have 14 of this variety all up this side of the house.  They almost touch the windows this summer.  They are non-stop bloomers.
Here is a close-up of the Althea.  I have two of these are they are so pretty from inside the house looking out.  They bloom from early June till late August.  Mine are both standards or tree form.
Sorry this has been such a long post!  I feel I might have more time to write once the girls go back to school…. but then I will return to work as well a few days.  I substitute teach at their schools part time.
Thanks for visiting and Happy Gardening….Brooke
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  1. Your yard and home are beautiful. I am jealous of anyone with a green thumb. I do not have one! I am a new follower, found you over at No Minimalist.

  2. Back to school already! Your kids go back really early!

    Your garden is looking good. I love that Preziosa Hydrangea. I think I will put it on my wish list.

  3. I always loved American houses mainly because of their lovely big porches. Yours is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous plantings.

  4. Your flowers and porch are gorgeous!

    So nice to visit with you from LaurieAnna's.

  5. What a beautiful setting for your home, and the colors are superb.

  6. Brooke how lovely!! It is soo dang hot here we are lucky to even have a tinge of green in our grass.

  7. Brooke, Your garden is beautiful and I love your home...especially the wonderful large porch!

  8. This is just lovely...I can see why you are so excited about gardening. Everything looks so lush, colorful and heathly. Very, very nice. Have a great weekend. (-:

  9. I like the dark foliage and you are absolutely right that is adds continual interest in the garden. Thanks for the tip.
    Blessings, Beth

  10. Your yard is gorgeous! I agree with the foliage color adding so much year round to the garden. That Serrata Prezioso Hydrangea (?) is new to hydrangeas and that is a gorgeous color.

  11. Everything looks great... love the althea! Larry

  12. I got a plant for you to go along with your 'Wine and Roses' Weigela and that's Pennisetum 'Princess Caroline'. I got it in my middle border and it's like they were made for each other. Color echos and nice but different foliage. Take a look at it and see what you think.

  13. The Althea is very pretty! My post for Flaunt Your Flowers contains a mosaic of my pink diamond hydrangea. I love this hydrangea! Have a terrific weekend!

  14. oh, its all soooooo beautiful1!!

  15. August and color don't go together, here in Central Texas. Well...brown is a color, I guess.
    Yours looks lovely. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. Gorgeous!! I'm jeal;ous of your proch...wish i had one ;)Have a great weeknd!

  17. the view from your front porch is looking might fine...i adore your limelights...i have second year pee gees blooming right now, which is making me very happy!


  18. Your front beds look so pretty Brooke. I love dark foliage on plants and shrubs too in the garden. I cannot believe school is starting already. Where does the summer got to.

  19. Wonderful garden, it seems much too early for the children to be heading back to school. Around here it will be after Labor Day. I just don't know where the summer went.

    I love all the flowers and design ideas you have shown here, very inspiring.

  20. Unbelieveable how everything has filled in from just a few short months ago! Looks really pretty! thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

  21. The front porch garden beds look fantastic. Love all the flower and foliage colours. The Limelight is brilliant and so is Althea.

  22. What a beautiful view you have of that pond, Brooke! Wow! You truly have a green thumb, girl. Your gardens are just gorgeous! My Limelight is blooming happily now, too. Didn't enjoy that heatwave, but they're better now! :)

    xoxo laurie

  23. You really have a beautiful front garden. I am like your friends I really do give up on my front garden by August. Yours looks wonderful! We have the same weather as you. I live very close to your location and it is the same hot dry and humid weather. Thanks for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!

  24. Popped over from LaurieAnna's blog party! Your front porch garden is beautiful. I know how much work goes into it and am still busy in my garden! We are also enjoying our Limelight Hydrangea.



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