Monday, June 20, 2011

Wildflowers In Every Color…







Here are a few shots of my wildflower bed out in front of the house.  A couple weeks ago it was almost all yellow, but as I promised… it has more now.  Each year I enjoy this are more.  It is my trial bed, if I get a free daylily or iris or whatever and I don’t know the color…. or how wild it gets…. I put it there.  I will tell you though, I am getting better at maintaining it this year.  I have been deadheading it almost daily and it looks a thousand times better.  Last year I let it go to seed and it looked almost dead in July, this year I am picking at it in the mornings and it looks so much more fresh.  I have also added AT LEAST 75 new irises to this bed…. thanks to a few garden friends that gave me loads of irises.  So it may look a bit more like a perennial bed next year than a wildflower bed…. but the way I see it….. more is GOOD! 

As always, I thank all who trade and give me goodies to grow.  Please, let me return the favor, you will not leave empty handed!  Won’t it be so much fun to see all the new irises bloom next spring? Fantastic!

Happy Gardening….Brooke

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