Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Long Lost Friends….

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I am so sorry I have been MIA for quite a few days.  It has been quite exciting here, not in a good way….
Here is a picture from this morning, notice just how close that machine is to my poppies!  We think we have ANOTHER water line leak, but after digging a huge hole, they found nothing.  Now another spot of no grass in the yard, a big mess and no answers.  This is the 4th time we have had problems with the area from our well to the house.  But this time they did not dig up the landscape…. yet.  This time last year I was on the garden tour, so I could not help but think…. thank goodness I am not this year!
Which is a good thing, because I am in a knee brace and using crutches this week.  I fell in the garage on a wet spot and twisted my knee.  The same one that I have trouble with.  So I got x-rayed in urgent care Weds night and an appointment with a specialist next week.  They think they will give me injections and hope for no surgery. 
If they do operate I pray it can wait till after the girls go back to school.  We camp and swim….ride 4wheelers…. you name it out here.  So I hope my entire summer is not in a knee brace, but well see.  It has been a long time coming.  So I am mostly in the house with my leg propped up.
My big girl, Maddie took some of these picture for you. I am teaching her to take photos this summer and she is doing a really good job!  The only thing she doesn’t do is deadhead before the takes them like I do! 
But as you can see, things are blooming well and it is prime summer season in Indiana.
The butterfly bushes opened up this week and droves of my flying friends have been visiting them.
So I have been doing my slow scoot out to my favorite bench and just watching them buzz around this week.  It’s nice to enjoy the garden….but in a few days I will be itching to weed…. it’s about time for my girls to learn how…. don’t you think?  Lol…
Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. When I saw that tractor, I thought oh boy this doesn't look good. Twisted your knee, do take it easy, my goodness. Your daughter's photos are great, with flowers like yours she can't mess up. I believe weeding should be taught right after potting training.

  2. I hate to hear that you are hurt Brooke. I wanted you to know I can't attend the garden tour. I am bummed. I will talk to you soon. Thank goodness they didn't dig directly into your flower bed. What a bother. Tell Maddie that she did a good job with the camera. It is always fun to see the garden from another's perspective.

  3. Happy healing. Hopefully no surgery will be required. Nice photos. Kudos to your daughter. I hope they figure out what is going on with your pipes.


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