Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daylily Days Have Begun!



We will start off with my favorite pink…. Fairytale Pink…. it is just the best pink for me.  Huge blooms, very frilly.



I believe this is “Pardon Me”  it is the one I have up the front walk, it is a huge, dark red, very vibrant and does not fade.


Little Grapette, a wine colored dwarf is just cute as a button.  This one fits anywhere in the garden.


Hal’s Pink is a peach for me, but the blooms are as big as my hand.  I have this in several places I enjoy it so much.  I think peach goes with everything.


Unknown melon colored one, brighter in person.


Unknown deep rose one, I have this all up the far side of the house.  My 2nd favorite.  Deep, bright rose….beautiful.


This is just a few of the ones I grow, more are opening every day…. but the star out here this week is the wild ones on the hill by the driveway.  They were from my childhood home.  My mom and I dug and planted them there.  They do a great job on a dry, steep hill and they look so pretty every June.  Plus the home where I was born is gone, so this is a good reminder for me and mom to enjoy.  She has some planted at her house as well.

Thanks so much for visiting…..Brooke


  1. Brooke, your daylilies are gorgeous.

  2. I love that deep rose one. It seems like so many daylilies have that sort of dusty melon color but not yours! Gorgeous.


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