Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome to “Make Your Mondays Rosy!!!” 5/2/11


I have been growing roses for a number of years.  And as soon as I began my website, it was evident that there are a ton of “Rose Lovers” like me online.  So I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a new weekly event called….

“Make My Mondays Rosy” or for short…. Rosy Mondays… cute huh?

It is a link party for others like me to share what lovely roses they grow, enjoy, have photographed… ect.  Pretty much, if it has a rose in it, please share with us.

At the top of my page is a link to copy and please leave a comment as well.

If you have any questions please email me @

Also, as a favor for me…. please repost and share this invitation if you can.  I would appreciate any help in getting new friends to the party!

Happy 1st “Rosy Monday” to all…..

So…. lets begin with my post today!


What does growing roses mean to me….?  On Friday I helped a friend with a national garden association touring her garden in the afternoon.  They were all “woody, shade people”  lol… and I was pretty much the lone sun gardener. 


I told them how I had recently added over 20 new roses to my borders.  And they pretty much looked at me like I was crazy.


“Oh they are more trouble than they are worth!”  “The chemicals!”  “The thorns!”


And of course….”Blackspot!”  I smiled and said my roses to me are like home grown tomatoes…. they never smelled sweeter than in my backyard.


I am well aware of the problems, but have they ever really considered the joy and anticipation I get waiting for this first flush of pure heaven to land in my garden.


I know when I speak of growing over 50 daylilies, 40 irises…ect… people listen… but when I tell them about the roses…. they ooh and awww…. and so do I.  I love to see roses in person or on others websites.


So dear readers, back me up here and tell me too why you love these beauties and why your own garden wouldn’t be the same without them come May?

I’d love to hear from you… and now it is time for your to share your link as well!

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