Monday, May 30, 2011

Rosy Monday–May 30, 2011

Welcome to Rosy Monday!  I hope you can join me for some lovely blooms.  If you have roses to share…. don’t forget to add your link to the bottom of the page! 
Our first rose today is one of the test roses I have from Jackson and Perkins.
I am thrilled with it’s blend of pink and white.  It is a show stopper and has a medium scent.  The only thing I have noticed is it’s blooms are a bit top heavy and break in the wind.  But we have had some bad storms this week.
It is the second rose on the right here.  As you can see I have many roses blooming.
I am so glad I decided to mix all the colors.  I seem to have something for everyone this way. 
Here is an Oso Easy Strawberry.  It’s been here two years and is doing much better this year.
My favorite “Landscape” rose right now is Paprika Flower Carpet.  I have two on each side as you enter the rose beds and they are just lovely.  I moved these from last summer, I think they were in too much shade from another rose. They look fantastic this spring.
This is a rescue rose, but it looks so much like my Mr. Lincoln that I am going to move it to that area next spring.  It is a lovely red along the fence.  When I planted these roses I had no idea the colors.  Now I am wanting to edit this area a bit.  But I will wait till next March and move them when they are dormant.  It is near 90 today and it’s best to let them be.
Here is the rt side of the first bed…
And the other side.  This area is right next to my swing down there and it is so nice to be able to enjoy all the color and scents.  Last year this was tomatoes!  This is so much better!
Here is Heritage…. It is one of my very favorites.
Mainly because of it’s color.  It is so romantic looking.  Near purple, but still pink….perfect.
A broad view, but it is growing everyday.  Remember this bed was planted in Mid-March.  Only a few were moved roses, most all are new.
Outta the Blue.
The purple-pink French hollyhocks are almost the same color as Angelface rose in the left corner.  What a great combo they would be.
Here you can see the swing where we could sit and talk roses.  I’d love to show you them in person, but this will have to do!  Thanks so much for stopping by and if you have roses blooming in your garden…. add your link to “Rosy Monday!”
Happy Gardening….Brooke

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