Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rosy Monday – May 23, 2011

Lets take a peek into my rose garden….  To see what is in bloom this week!
As you may know, all if this was planted in March of this year.  I am so happy to say over half of them are blooming already!
We’ll start with Tuscany still blooming on the fence.  It is a one time bloomer, but just fantastic.
It looks great with Strawberry Foxglove, but doesn’t everything?  I love foxglove…
Further in is an unknown old climber from a rescue…. so pretty with the white picket.
This stunning beauty is “Test Rose #1” from Jackson and Perkins…. the first of four to open.  I had no idea what color it would be, it is so bright and cheery.
Here is a close-up of its blooms.
Next is Angel Face, love, love, love this color.
Which is why I chose “Heirloom” to add here as well, you cannot tell it in the pics, but this one is darker and larger.  Both are my very favorite color of roses.
Here is the lovely old moss rose I rescued, she is so soft and delicate.
And the first blooms of a new favorite, “Florence Nightingale” another Jackson and Perkins.
Another rescue rose, this one is a floppy red, but prettier in person…. The spots are from spraying today.
Okay lets go outside the fence…. here is a Strawberry Oh-So-Easy Rose.
And a good shot of the different colors of “Countrytime”
Outta The Blue in full bloom….
And last but not least “Coquette des Blanches” isn’t that the perfect English style beauty? 
And yes, all of these are in bloom right now.  I took these shots just a few minutes ago.

Also blooming bu not pictures, all my knock-out roses, Painted Moon, Peach Oh-So-Easy, and Paprika Flower Carpet.

 I am sorry I have not been online very much lately.  We have had some good gardening days and been busy with kids activities these last few days of school.
Now it is your turn to……"Make My Monday's Rosy!"
This party will be for my fellow rose gardeners and for anyone who enjoys roses.... so look for garden friends from around the world sharing beautiful blooms each week. I am so happy to host this event! Add your link below and check back to see all the beautiful blooms!
Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. your roses are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Janet

  2. Brooke I am joining this week! Woot! Woot! Glad to share my roses!

  3. It's hard to believe this is a new garden ~ WOW ~ you have some real beauties there!
    'hugs from afar'

  4. Brooke, your roses are showing the love and care you give them. Stunning!

  5. So beautiful. I need to come back when I have lots of time to enjoy your garden!!

  6. Your roses are stunning! I once had a huge rose garden but, the black spot won & I had to give up. Most of all I ADORE your foxglove. What a beautiful vintage belle she is. Hard to believe they once used the foxglove for digitalis in the early days.

    This is my first Show Off Your Cottage Monday & I hope to join in again soon! Charlene

  7. I'm amazed that so many are blooming already! Lucky you. They're beautiful!


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