Monday, April 25, 2011

Rose Garden Update…


About this time last year I started a new area that I called the “Kitchen Garden”.  Last year I grew several annuals and some veggies there.


The left side was a wild, country mess of zinnias and cosmos.  The right side was tomatoes that did horrible last year and was a mess.  I liked the flowers, but by late summer it was a mess.  I wanted something new.


So I started ordering roses early this year.  Most of these are brand new, a few were transplanted in Mid-March.  So they have been here for less than 2 months.  There are 8 roses in each bed so far.  I will be adding 2 more climbers to each as soon as I get my obelisks made.  I have left room for them in the center of each bed.


So lets take a tour.  There are over 25 roses in this area.  7 are on the outside fencing that have been there since last summer.


This is my largest one and it is full of buds.  It will be exciting to see what it is.  This was a rose I rescued from an home that wanted them removed.  I love to save roses.  The pink buds is a penstemon.


The old fashioned single pink hollyhocks are really lush and happy here.  I think they will get quite high and go most of the way up the wall this summer.


My rooted cuttings of evergreen are in the tub, most all  have new leaves.  It is Manhattan euonymus which can get wild, but I like its larger leaves and year round interest.  I have had really good luck starting it and boxwoods this spring down here.


So what else do I have?  White and regular lavender, I love them and cannot plant enough.  Magic Fountains Delphiniums.  Daffodils, Glads, crocus… there is also two nice peony tubers that I got at the garden show tucked in each of them.


Kristie Veronica that I really like so far, it is new.  Hope it takes off like a groundcover.


And Strawberry Dianthus what smells wonderful.


And the bright pink blooms are Ranunculus I planted in bloom.  They are so pretty right now, have never really grew these, but I could not resist this color.


Along the inside of the fence I divided white daylilies and all kinds of hybrid irises.  The irises are starting to bloom and fill out.  Under them is all sorts of reseeding annuals and a few perennials like columbine, foxglove, penstemon, money plant is the big leafed one you see.  Lots of larkspur, alyssum and poppy.


There is no mulch on this side and in a few days you’ll never know it.  You know with some seeds if you cover them up…. you don’t get them.  I really look forward to all these blooms.


Here is the garden from above as you look down from our deck.  I enjoy how you can see this area from so many places.  I can look down from the family room right over the roses.  Just as soon as they start opening up, you can be sure I will share pics.  Right now there are two Miss Kim lilacs blooming there making it smell wonderful. 

We have been having horrible flooding and storms.  Last week we had shingles blown off the house.  No plant damage, but a few broken knick-nacks. I love spring, but hate the severe weather.  I need to weed so badly, but it says rain every day till the weekend.  I go out and slosh around.  I have some clematis and irises blooming I want to take pics of today.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love Brooke


  1. Your rose garden is really shaping up nice. I can't wait to see them in bloom. The view from above is great with the red and white squares.

  2. It looks so good Brooke....sorry about the severe weather, we wouldn't mind some rain here.

  3. It's all looking really good.

    Hope your storms are over. We see them going by, but still no rain here, in Central Texas. Very dry and dangerous here. Wouldn't it be nice if just one year, the weather and 'wetness' would be evened out?

    Take care. Can't wait to see it when it's all grown up.

  4. Brooke, Love your garden pictures. I am a new follower from northern Wisconsin. I love gardening too. Stop by my blog sometime. It is a mix of gardening, recipes, crafts and whatever else I find interesting to share.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  5. Your garden looks so wonderful this spring. I love the Strawberry dianthus and your new veronica. I love your containers in the corner. I had a coal bucket too but the bottom finally fell through. I was so sad to see it fall apart. Have a wonderful week Brooke. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  6. Oh, I love your rose garden and thank you for the tour! I can imagine everything in bloom - it is going to be lovely. I'm jealous of the ranunculus - I planted some bulbs but they didn't come up. I hope you don't get any more storms, just nice plant-loving rains.

  7. It looks so beautiful and love your garden pictures..
    Thanks for sharing..Dogwood trees Tennessee


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