Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Easter Garden…



Now don’t be looking for any bunnies…. although there are a few scattered around the place…


I just thought I would share with you how things will be looking for the big egg hunt this weekend.


As you can see things are lush and getting fuller by the day.  My alliums are almost ready to open.  I have them everywhere now… over 100 bulbs.


The hosta and daylily by the driveway are showing up nicely.  This has turned out to be a really nice bed.  It was kind of an afterthought, but  it looks nice as you drive in.


Speaking of, this is our driveway plantings.  This bed needs more mulch, but everything made it!  It has been a stormy windy spring. 


And the wildflower bed is out of control, but I love it that way.  I am amazed how this has filled in… it is 2 years old this spring.



Coming down from the deck…. purple and deep wine is so pretty this week here.  This is one of my favorite areas right now.  I have been working on this bed.


See those gaps?  I’m gonna fill them soon.  I have been extending my borders.


Looking toward the butterfly garden.  The hill behind is it really pretty this time of year.


May things here will be blooming any day. 


And the front walk has some lovely purple blooms.  I am so happy the irises have started.  Let the show begin!


Does this look like the Easter Bunny to you?  He’s the closest thing I have…. I can’t be taking any pictures without two cats following me around.  I think he likes the plants being back as much as I do!

I have more to show, but incase things get crazy here….. Happy Easter Everyone!



PS>>>>  I changed my background again.  My last on said “Can’t wait till Spring” 

This one looks a bit fall, but I liked the graphic… so I may keep it for awhile!


  1. Everything, and I mean everything looks wonderful Brooke!

  2. I knew those borders would not stay thin. You are as much of a plantaholic as most gardeners. I like your header photo. Your home looks so inviting with all the plantings. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. So pretty. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  4. Hi Brooke - Your garden is amazingly beautiful and lush! And that view is fantastic.

    Happy Cottage Flora Thursdays and Happy Easter!

  5. Great gardens, great pics. Love the kitty pic.
    'hugs from afar'

  6. What a pretty house and garden. I love the photo of your Easter cat!

  7. Looks like the ideal spot for an egg hunt. We had a late season snow so I guess, if I wanted to stir up all kinds of trouble, I could hide un-dyed white easter eggs and make them doubly difficult to find.

  8. Your garden is have so much space!!! Love all those huge boulders!

  9. Looks great!
    Here, in Central Texas, we've moved right on into summer. We're all hoping for some rain.

    Have a Happy Easter. You have a beautiful place to celebrate.

  10. A gardener that plans like me! I use gravel for my paths and line them with rocks too. They're free at construction sites and many of them have surfaced when we try to plant things.

  11. Brooke, looks like everything is taking shape for a beautiful spring and summer in your garden. Can't wait to see shots of your new rose garden. Happy & Blessed Easter to you!

  12. You have been one busy momma! Your garden is looking fabulous! Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! Hugs to you & have a Happy Weekend! xoox, tracie


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