Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Blooms

A few blooms for you today.  This has been a very busy garden week.  I helped a friend redesign a perennial bed on Weds.  Yesterday I worked with the garden club potting up things for the upcoming plant sale.  And today I am helping a friend at her garden when the National Azalea Society comes with over 100 gardeners from all over.  I look forward to meeting everyone, including a few readers of my site.  The weather looks good and I am excited to get going.  


This is the star of the garden today, it even has a great name…. “Rock Star” Iris, it is a rebloomer too.  I have it in 2 places and I am glad I do, it is worth seeing twice!


Most of my 100 Purple Sensation Alliums are blooming.  I love that color.


Here they are at the front walk.  I need to take a wider shot.  Been so rainy.


The blue irises and bulbs are still going.  So happy to have color again.


But the clematis on the porch is a show stopper.  It does so well there are is really taking off this year.


This one is called Nelly Moser I think.


Last is my favorite combination this week…. Lupines, chives and flax.  Wish it would bloom all summer like this, but I have to settle for a few weeks in the Spring. 
Thanks so much for stopping by….

Love Brooke


  1. Just beautiful Brooke. That Rockstar does rock!

  2. What a beautiful iris Brooke. The clematis looks so beautiful on your railing.

  3. Wow is all I can say! Makes me anxious for them to bloom at my house - thanks for sharing! Paula from Idaho

  4. Oh, Brooke!! So pretty! You got the knack girl...

  5. I notice from your sidebar you like Weeks purple roses too!!! I have found a friend indeed.

  6. is all just glorious! I love the photos...and might need to keep my eye open for some rock star iris...that is gorgeous!
    thanks for linking in this week...hope to see you again soon!


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