Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A few watered down blooms….

2011-04-25 15.21.53

Please excuse the quality of the images, it has been an awful wet mess and it’s a wonder any blooms aren’t flopped over in all this rain.  But wanted to share a few things today.  This purple/blue Salvia is on my patio table.  I love looking at this from the kitchen.

2011-04-25 15.22.40

Alta California, and heirloom iris.  This one is getting hard to find, but luckily I have one.  It is a good parent plant the breeders say, it has many famous offspring.

2011-04-25 15.23.45

Ruffled Goddess… a newer hybrid.  It is a very bright lavender/blue.  Very pleased with this one, may have to move it to a better spot so it can be seen easier.  It is at the back of the butterfly hill.

2011-04-25 15.24.05

Old fashioned hearty geranium is just started to open up.

2011-04-25 15.26.18

I have these tucked in several places, I love them.  I have several that rebloom, but this one doesn’t.

2011-04-25 15.27.42

My first clematis blooms of the season.  This is “Snow Queen” and she is an early bloomer.  It was very overcast when I took this pic, she is a bright white with dark red/purplish centers.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love Brooke


  1. Gorgeous flowers. Your blog is like a taste of whats-to-come for me. We are at the bulbs blooming stage here with tulips just opening.

  2. What a beautiful Clem! We're a ways behind you, it'll be a while before I can put plants on my porch to look at when I'm in the kitchen.

  3. Very's hot here but the wind is blowing things around like crazy. I think we may have a thunderboomer blowing in.

  4. Beautiful blooms. The Salvia and that gorgeous buttercup yellow Iris were definite favourites.

  5. I love the Geraniums, too. I have several varieties and some are now blooming. Before I started blogging, believe it or not, I didn't even know perennial geraniums existed! I've learned a lot in the past couple of years;-) Lovely blooms, Brooke!


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