Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fertilizer Friday Blooms – Early April


I am so excited to have things to share with you this week!  It seems I had things just ready to open for days and days and then they all bloomed at once. 


This is an old fashioned spirea that came from the garden club sale a few years ago.  I call it Bridal White, but I am not 100% sure.  It is covered in blooms and now about 4 feet tall, I just love it.


The double Replete Daffodils I added last fall are blooming and I really love the soft creamy color of them.  They are a bit top heavy, and flopped over after the big rains we got a few days ago, but they came back up.   I think I got these at Wal-Mart?


You can see them as you come up the front walk.  I hope they multiply quickly.  I am thinking of all sorts of spots to use them.


This is a new plant I added this year, and just love it.  It is ‘Jet Trails’ Flowering Quince.  It is the softest white and very compact.  I know I will have to chop it back for it to stay smaller, but worth it in my book for this much Spring color.


This is a shrub I would like anywhere.  Sweet Flowering Almond, you are beautiful in every way.   I can see this one from my back windows and of course, it is pink, which I cannot have enough of here.


This it the first time my very small Flowering Plum has bloomed.  It has had a bit of a time in this spot, a past dog of our chewed on it right after planting…. but it has since had some care and it coming right along.  I love its blooms and purple leaves.


Last but not least, my African Violets in the kitchen window look so pretty you would think they were artificial.  I this is the 3rd time they have bloomed and I haven’t killed them yet.  We might just have a winner.
What else is blooming?  My two redbuds in the front yard, my creeping phlox, crocus,  grape hyacinth, a few tulips, and my Heartleaf Bergenia or Pigsqueak  is just about to bloom.  I also have buds on a few clematises.
I have more things to share next week.  But I will tell you I have been cheating and adding some new plants in my rose garden that I bought in bloom… lol.  But hey, it still counts, doesn’t it?

Love Brooke
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  1. Bought blooms definately work. I might not have any if I didn't buy ones in bloom. Such a pretty african violet bloom. Love the view of your front yard area and the porch. Very pretty. So nice this time of year when every week there is new stuff in bloom. Hope you have a great day. Looking forward to your gardens.

  2. It's all very beautiful, I love the double Daff. I tried to comment on your last post, blogger would not let me. I love all of your containers sitting around your raised beds..and the veggies sign, cute! I do think you would enjoy dotting some leaf lettuce and spinach in your nice to add them to a sandwich or salad....:)

  3. Hi Brooke - I'm very envious of all your lovely spreing blooms - what with it being Autumn here. Most of all I love your spirea though ... very, very pretty!

  4. oh your garden is just bursting in to color! Things are waking up and seems to bee just gorgeous! I am envious of your spring posting....we are still melting off all the snow from the winter...about a foot left to go!
    thanks for linking in this week...I do love to visit all the beautiful gardens!


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