Thursday, April 7, 2011

Country Accents and Updates

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As it warms up I am dreaming of yard sales… okay and gardens… but I love a good find… to add to my garden!  I collect all sorts of things…. baskets…. fabric…. anything metal… especially watering cans.
And I use them.  This container has miniature hostas  in it and it has wintered over.  All I do is add some compost and a new layer of mulch.  The little sign is kind of a joke.  I don’t grow anything you can eat… but the sign is cute!
It is tucked into my row of hollyhocks.  They have filled out so nicely!  I can look down and see them from the big window in the house.  I can’t wait till them bloom pink this summer.
At the opposite end I had a tree stump I kept from being firewood, another watering can and two containers.  The green one use to be for fireplace ashes, now it holds a crepe myrtle that I hope gets quite big and fills out this corner.  I don’t' have room for a tree there permanently.  But I will keep it in a container for  a couple years to enjoy it there.    The round tub I got for $5 at a thrift store.  The lady apologized for it being rusted out on the bottom, I smile and said it saves me the trouble of drilling holes.

I have two more metal buckets with plants at my little setting area.  These are both plastic pots in the metal buckets.  But they too have been out all winter, just make sure they can drain and you keep them watered when it gets really hot.  What do I have in them?  A little of everything… mostly divided things from my borders like hosta, Lilly turf, sweet alyssum, violas….  if they look bare I sprinkle some seed in them.  The big tub has evergreen cuttings I am trying to root.  I may do a herb garden later this spring in it.  The whole idea is to plant them once and forget about them.  In a few years they may fall apart, but they were super cheap and I use them for a few years and get new ones.
These are all down by the new rose garden… All the roses are in place and I am adding perennials and bulbs here and there. 
I this same area is my lilacs… they look fantastic this year.  This one I am especially proud of.  I trained it to be a standard and finally took the stakes off of it.  I am so pleased with how the shape turned out.  It is a “Sensation” lilac.

Just a few feet away is my latest addition to the rock collection.  These two were barely sticking up, but hubby wanted to get to them before they damaged the mower.  They were bigger then he thought!  Every spring the rocks pop up like Easter eggs, good thing I love each and every one of them.  Now I have to decide where to put them. 
Love Brooke

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  1. I loved this entry! I also used old, odd & unusual containers for planting. Last year I had dill growing in an old galvanized bucket. Loved how it looked. I've done squash in old trunks etc. Thanks for sharing.
    'hugs from afar'

  2. I am loving your blog! Your gardens are going to be stunning, I cant wait to see more pics as they burst with lushness! Very pretty blog =)

  3. I love using old containers. I like using the old enamel pots, but they are kinda hard to drill through. I like old junk period.

  4. I don't grow eadible stuff either!!! but considering the new forced diet, I'm thinking about it and an herb agrden as well. I also love finding old stuff for the garden, you have such a wonderful collection!

  5. Finally! I have been trying to post a thank you for featuring my blog on WebGarden. I really appreciate it. For some reason, I have been having a lot of trouble posting a comment to your blog. Your rose beds look absolutely beautiful! I love that red mulch with the white stone. Just gorgeous!

  6. Wow - you are working so hard out there & everything looks lovely!!! Hope to see you link up to Cottage Flora Thursday's again this week! xoox, tracie

  7. Your hollyhocks must be very pretty when they bloom. I love them, but my yard is so shady most flowers will not grow. You must love the color and the flowers, but the work is so rewarding when you see all the beautiful colors, isn't it?

  8. loving the old buckets and you have a beautiful garden and it will more stunning when the roses are growing! love your post!!

    Susan @


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