Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Forward!


It’s about dang time…. that’s all I have to say.  I was so happy to see things in stock at our local Menards Friday.


They did not have a ton out, but what I saw looked wonderful to me.


I picked up some pansies and have them in the containers by my garage doors.  They look a little droopy here, but they will fill in.  At least they are some color.  I have annual seeds planted there too.


I picked up this little columbine too, it is a color I did not have…. but notice how it is almost white…..  Now look at the tag….


Remember what I and so many others say… always buy in bloom.  The tags are often misleading.  Or maybe it will darken up, but I liked it the way it was and am happy with it.


Here is another new spring addition to the garden…. a heavy-duty portable hose.  I battle with my hoses all summer long…. don’t you?  I hope this works out better.


Are you ready for a little before and after…. here is the before… June of last year….


And after...well sort of... I guess this is a during…. This is what we did Saturday afternoon.  I have wanted to do this side of the walk for three years…. now it is ready.  I, as always, need mulch of course.


It will be nice to have borders on both sides.  And of course… more plants!


I needed a place for my new pink French pussy willow.  I have loved these branches for years, now I have one. 


You can also see this bed from the porch and our upstairs bedroom.  The rest is all transplants like iris, daylily, lambs ear, penstemon…. ect.


We also picked up a new table and chairs for the deck.  I have two more chairs on order.  I had been without a table on the deck all last year.  Our glass top one broke two summers ago…. oh what a mess.  Never again.  I like this because I can paint it and keep it a long time.  No cushions either.  They can be so expensive.


We also found this really cute hanging thermometer….


With a clock on the other side…. it goes with my new black theme for the deck this year.


So why all these new goodies?  Yesterday was my birthday…. and we had been looking for a table and found one on sale.  It was nice though to spend the weekend doing gardening things with my hubby.  He is drug into this you know…. but a good sport most days.


I leave you today with Felix in his favorite bed…. Hubby’s John Deer tractor seat.  He is trying to keep warm, it is much colder today.  I keep going out to do things and coming back in….burr! 
Tomorrow I am off to Indianapolis for the big garden show.  I will have my camera in tow.  I’ll do a big post when I get back.  Thanks for stopping by!

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