Thursday, March 10, 2011

My New Rose Garden Plans….. part 1

To me, a garden is not the same without roses.  Well, a sun garden at least.  Our last home was all shade and when we moved out to this open hill I knew I would fill it with roses!  And I did…. and now I have a better feel of what works.  And what doesn’t.  Unfortunately. 
As I enter into my 4th gardening year at our home I now realize that not only the amount of sun is important, but the wind is a big issue for us here.  Last year we had so many gusts from across the lake I lost not only roses, but other shrubs in late winter.  I had large, broken areas and uprooted plants.  And until I can grow a windbreak, I have moved my focus of roses to a more protected area.
That new area is at my walkout basement.  Last year I was calling this my kitchen garden.  I have two raised beds both 5 feet by 10 feet and borders on two sides of flowers.  It is the closest thing I have to a walled garden and it is south facing and gets long hours of good sun.  It is the perfect place to grow roses and my soil here is the best I have in all my garden.  It is golden…lol.
On the left side last year I did a cutting garden of zinnias and cosmos.  On the other bed I had tomatoes and peppers and a few annuals.  Let me just say, they are the perfect beds for veggies.  But I am the only one that eats them!  My family is a no onion…. no tomato…. no peppers… drives me crazy, I love them all.  But I have SEVERAL friends that grow HUGE gardens and are always giving me goodies.  Plus, it will be a good excuse to visit them this summer.
Along my wing wall  is all hollyhocks…. they are filling in nicely already as you can see.  I love hollyhocks, but they can be kind of a mess.  I have these all together and I can enjoy them growing up and hiding part of this wall.  They get about 6 ft tall.
Almost all of them are this pink variety, called Indian Summers…. a beautiful heirloom single that I love.  I have under planted several annuals like larkspur, forget-me-nots, alyssum, and catchfly in this area so it will be good and full this summer of colorful blooms.  I probably don’t even need the filler this year… they are getting so big.  Plus they are green now…. something to look at in this nasty weather.
Around the fence and arbor are several different irises, daylilies and annuals like zebrina hollyhocks and salvias.  They are already coming up nicely.  This pic is from last spring.  I have a bunch of blue and purple blooms in this area. 
And in the front is a mixed bed…. with all pastels…. 5 lilacs in this area, peony, tons of perennials…. and 5 roses in this bed alone.  This photo is from last May, things will be more filled in this year.
That part is done…. now comes the fun….  lets talk about what roses I am planting….
(Continued on next post)


  1. Hi there! i am your newest follower! I can already tell i am going to love your blog! The background birds singing is such a darling idea! love it! I'm in my 5th year in my home to be gardening here - i started with a blank slate & it's been so fun to see the progression every year. I'm off to peek around your blog (& garden) and hope to see you come back next week to share more! Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful start to your garden. I love the white picket fence and arbor. I have had to fight winds like that before when I lived in the Panhandle of Texas. Brrrrrrrr! It was so cold and that wind averaged 50 mph and some days even up to 80. I don't miss it. It was hard to grow things even in summer because it dried things out so much. We prevailed though. Some gardeners would wrap their roses in burlap for the winter and pile lots of straw or wood chips over the root area. Made for more work but did save those beautiful beauties. I can't wait to see what all you plant.


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