Friday, March 4, 2011

Indy Garden Show Photos


Today was the first day of the Indianapolis Home and Flower Show at Lucas Oil Stadium.  I was there pretty early after opening and so excited to get the chance to attend.


I went last year and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of this event.  It seemed a very good place to talk to the vendors and view the gardens.


Today was cold, windy and rainy…. and I will say it seemed like there were less attending while I was there.  I am guessing the big crowds will be there tomorrow and Sunday.


I know Indy has two shows, but I truly enjoy them both and hope everyone will attend this weekend.  These vendor put a bunch of time and effort in these lovely gardens.


So what do you see when you attend a show?  Lots and lots of stone pavers.  I love them…. but they are everywhere.  I did notice they had houseplants and bulbs when you first walked in this year.  They were wonderful, but I missed the big display of cut flowers and all the different types of blooms.  That was fantastic last year.  But they did have a bunch of things for sale, and some very nice live plants like herbs, a few perennials and forced bulbs too.  Very tempting.


There was some very cool new ideas in “Outdoor Rooms”  I just love this granite table with a fire insert… beautiful.


Lots of bulbs…. which makes me wish I planted more of my own…. but there is always next year…. see if I had these many of one kind I would have them in 6 different areas, but look how beautiful.  I am sure I don’t have a bare spot big enough for them to fit in….lol.


Cool trends in colors…. and cobalt blue is HOT this year…. we all loved these pots.  But I am a blue person… trust me… these would be welcome in my yard.


Good plant combinations…. like lambs ear and plum pudding coral bells…. I have both of these…. but look how good they look together.


Big mature plantings and water features…. I wish all my evergreens were that large.


Thanks so much to all the people involved with the show.  I met several of them today, so if you are visiting the site for the first time, thanks for stopping by.

I will be doing another post about some color combinations I noticed today.  Look for it next!

Happy Gardening….Brooke

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  1. Love the table with FIRE in the middle. Lots of great ideas!


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