Friday, March 4, 2011

Hot, Bold Color Trends



I saw a lot of beautiful things at the Indianapolis Home and Flower Show, but I will say as a group, the most commented garden display was this one.


And as I took these pictures I was thinking… I cannot wait to show these to my readers.


What is so impressive about this display, it is the use of color.


The contrast is set high, very dramatic…. not soooo far off what we were use to…. but very impactful.


If you notice, after the bulbs are finished, there are three colors in this garden.  Red, Chartreuse and Blue-Greens. It is simple, it works. 


Is it for everyone?  Well only if you can stay with one type of each plant… They used only one hosta….. repeated…. everywhere.  It was beautiful.  But how do you choose just one?


In a world where home gardeners now have never ending choices.  This is a tough look to keep…. but I must say…. it was show stopping with our group today.


And how do you not mention this fantastic fountain.  It is the PERFECT size!  I’d love to have one just like it.  Wowzeerss….

Okay, here is the question…. could you stick to this plan?  Or do plants follow you home like they do me.  This gardener could never pull this one off…. but if you do…. it would be very effective. 

Food for thought….  Brooke


  1. Your photos make me feel like I'm there. They're great. Thanks

  2. I believe it takes a lot of self control to stick to one plant. I love more of the cottage/wild look in my big area. I have considered doing repetitive plantings in one bed to see if I can actually do it.....don't know.

  3. What a beautiful post you've shared today. Thanks, I enjoyed the walk.
    'hugs from afar'

  4. This is very inspiring. I have been able to have small areas of color drifts..we all know how effective this can be when we stumble upon it in our own gardens. I always commit the gardening "don'ts" by mixing different types of plants that jump into my cart off the clearance racks! It's like looking at a lovely photo spread of a home's interior and then closing the magazine and looking at our own home design. The photos are inspiring but not necessarily reflective of who "we" are. Thanks for sharing..I love to see design ideas for the garden.

  5. I love that rock water feature! Plants follow me home, so it would be tough to stick to the plan. Then again if it looked that good, it might be easier.


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