Friday, March 11, 2011

Glorious Gladiolus For Your Garden….

I recently went to Dollar General for cat food and came home with three packages of Glads.  They just jumped in my cart I tell you.  I don’t usually mess with these bulbs, I had been given some our first year at the house and hated the bright orange color of the ones that summer.  I am picky about my tones… no to orange…. yes…yes…yes to pinks.
Of course, you cannot beat the price…. $2.00 for 6 of them. Of couse, I bought 3 packages so I have 18 of them.... (Maybe I should have bought more)…. you see to make any impact on your garden you are gonna need more than 6, or at the very least plant all six together.  Then they will show up.  I will be planting mine in 6 groups of threes....

But I was wondering where am I going to put these….  I am now planning on spacing them up the white picket fence near my new rose garden.  They should bloom after the iris, but before the daylily and extend the color there.  Plus this will give them a bit of support if I need to help them along. 

It goes without saying the better of bulbs comes from the good growers… but here I am in my small town…. and they were cheap and no shipping charges.  But even cheap bulbs need a look over before buying.  Try to get them as soon as they hit the stores.  Look over all the bulbs for any damage.  And try to plant them as soon as possible.  Look on the back of the package for more instructions.  I will say this…  have planted “cheap” bulbs and “good” bulbs… and to be quite honest I enjoy them both.  Your garden is for you, if you have the chance, try them.
Image Better Homes and Gardens
“These tender bulbs are planted starting in spring, then every few weeks to ensure continuous bloom. An elegant flower, glads have tall spikes crowded with ruffled flowers that face the same direction and open from the bottom of the stem up. In cold climates, the bulbs (technically called corms) must be dug up and stored in a cool location that will not freeze.” …..Better Homes and Gardens.
Wine and Roses Galds
The variety I bought is called “Wine and Roses” and looks all pink on the label.  But when I looked online I found this image.  It is much more elegant and true to the name, has wine accents.  I like this even better, so I am hoping it is the bulb I purchased.  But for a couple bucks, all pink or this…. I will enjoy them!
And if I see more in the next couple weeks… well I really like the purple and white… or all white…. or the dark pink….  lol….


  1. Aren't they GORGEOUS!?! I used to shy away from orange in anything, but lately find myself very attracted to it. I've made a single bed (in deer territory) with primarily orange plants - a couple a yellows are in there too. It's actually quite pretty. I call it my hot bed :)

  2. I planted 'glads' for the first time last year. They were GORGEOUS!! Multi colored packs - people going past our place were stopping by for a closer look. I dug them up in the fall and now I'm anxious to see how well their offshoots will do this year. Enjoy!
    'hugs from afar'

  3. OK, you just sold me on giving them another try. I had bought some last year & nothing became of them. I'm also not big on having to dig stuff back up, but I did also try elephant ears last year & loved them. I dug them up & threw them in a bucket, haven't looked at them since....guess its time to check...
    We're in a new place so there is still alot of trial & error, maybe this year will be better.

  4. and if you don't plant them at least 6 inches in the ground they will topple over when in bloom. I have always grown glads, I love them...guess what? Some of my best seeds and bulbs have been scooped up from dollar stores!

  5. Two bucks! What a screaming deal! Count me in. :)

  6. I agree that sometimes the cheaper bulbs are just as good or better than the mail orders. I love glads, but do not have much luck growing them. I hope you have better luck!


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