Friday, February 4, 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink….



The “Kitchen Sink” is a breakfast menu item in a little joint downtown.  My hubby ordered it for breakfast this morning and I thought it was a good idea for an article. 

In short, My Garden is a Kitchen Sink…. Really, it is. 

Today I have been thinking about the butterfly garden. Specifically the pink evening primrose growing in the front corner of this bed.


I love this plant, don’t get me wrong…. but it is completely taking over.  Which is good, it is happy.  But when I planned this area I envisioned drifts of multiple colors.  Planned specifically in odd numbered splashes of color…. floating down the hill. 


And as you can see, this has been successful the last two gardening years.  But as I surveyed the hill with all the foliage gone, one this was for sure. It is decision time.


Do you fight the fight and reign in plants to “where they belong” or do you let mother nature place them where they may.


You see the first few years is relatively easy to keep things in the correct spaces, but my chosen plants then to gravitate and spread.  A bunch.


Which is great, I get divisions and more plants…. but after a while… Do you just give in?  Or do you fight the fight?


Here is my thoughts on gardens…. all of the plants in here were chosen because I enjoyed them.  They are there for a reason.  And each one plays a part in the all season “show”.  I love to see beautiful manicured displays at garden shows and magazines…. all with 6 inches of mulch and lighting systems… but that is not my garden.

IMG_6338My garden is me bringing home a plant every time I leave the house. Never saying no to a start…. seed… or clipping.  Me making bad decisions and using invasive-like plants, because I think they are pretty.  And enjoying them. 


And being surprised by the changes every year brings.  And honestly, having more things blooming and going on than the planned beds where nothing touches.  My garden is full, bursting at the seams, about the jump the fence at all times.  I have no idea what all is growing in it, but it looks good to me.  I really don’t think I could have a manicured garden if I tried… it’s not like me…. I’m a kitchen sink kinda girl!

I am going to enjoy the butterfly garden this year.  Things will be bigger and fuller and attract more things for me to enjoy.  I will sit on the bench, stare at the lake and enjoy the wild mess I created.  Because after all it is my mess and I will enjoy living in it.

Many blessings & Happy Gardening….Brooke

(All pictures of my garden Spring of 2010)

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  1. I believe it's beautiful and will be more so this depends on what the plant is if I try to control it...funny word, control isn't it?

  2. Brooke I love your kitchen sink and it is just like mine...we love it, we learn from is who we are..

  3. I love it! I think the gardens are even more beautiful when they are "kitchen style" because every plant has a happy memory or is a reminder of a person. :)

    I'm glad to find another Indiana gardener too!


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