Thursday, January 13, 2011

When I am not in the garden….


I enjoy making Jewelry! 
So I thought I would show you some pieces I have been doing this month. 
None of these are for sale, maybe someday I may do some for marketing,
 but these are just my own things I wanted to share.

This necklace was originally a Chico’s necklace.  But it was much too long and heavy.  I completely reworked it and made it shorter. This is what it looked like before... paul8575 is the EBay seller, it is a good store, one of my favorites!


And this is after....
  It went from 36” in length to about 18. 
 I don’t usually wear long necklaces, they bother me if they hang too low.
I love Fall colors and know I will be wearing this a bunch.


This is another cute one for fall.  It was a bracelet that broke on me. 
I had the beads in my car for months.  Today I put it back together as a cute choker,
 I will wear it more this way.  Love those beads… very cute.


This is another re-make.  It is a White House-Black Market necklace I got off of EBay. 
It was way too long, so I remade it as a doubled over choker.  I just love this brand and the beads just sparkle.  This is my favorite right now. Can’t wait to wear it.


This is another I made around Christmas. 
 I love red, and needed a red toned piece.  I love the silver circles on this one.


Here it is on, my photography is not the best!


This one took me quite a while, but I enjoy it. 
 It could be called the kitchen sink, there is a bit of everything on it.


But I love fun pieces like this.  I wear a lot of bright colors.


Here is another one with a pottery style bead.  I love a touch of southwestern design, don’t you?


Last but not least, this fun dangle necklace.  I need to make more of these.  It is on a simple chain, and I can change out the “dangles”.  


I was in the mood for teal beads, but now I will be looking for spring colors and pastels soon.
As you might have figured out, I love to repurpose pieces.  I look for things marked down, and then take them home and tear them apart.  I can get beads and metals cheaper as finished pieces than I could if I bought them new.  Plus, I get tired of things quickly, so I shop in my own jewelry box and rework things.  It is a fun way for me to have MORE, MORE, and MORE cool pieces.
The funny thing it, I wear less than 10 pairs of earrings.  I usually just wear basic hoops or metal-work earrings, bracelets, ect.  I like for the necklaces to stand out….. now for the rings…. will that is another story. 
Hope all is going well for you.  We are snowed in, kids out of school for 3 days, possibly 4.  Just snuggled in by the fire…. thinking of things to do!
Thanks for stopping by….Brooke


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! You have talent.

    I have been saving beads and such for the past 2 yr but don't have the time yet for trying my hand. Someday! (And let me know when you do sell your jewellry.)

  2. Those are pretty! You should sell them! I love the turquoise color and I think that I might have that same turquoise jacket.

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces with us, Brooke. I would have guessed you like a lot of colour in your life from your garden.

  4. You are very creative Brooke, I especially like the last one with the dangly bits!

  5. How lovely to find your blog, Brooke, and thank you so much for including me on WebGarden! May I say how much I love your robin "soundtrack". I spend hours recording them every year – they are my favorite part of spring! Georgianna

  6. Hi Brooke, It's a pleasure to see your beautiful indoor work. I'll have to show these to my daughter who is also a jewelry maker. Great inspiration!

  7. I was blown away by your jewelry! It is really lovely. I'll give you the best compliment I know: My mother would have loved it! Is any of it for sale anywhere on the web? Mona


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