Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The View From Above

Named 02

I found out today that my house is on Google Maps now.  It was fun to see what it showed from the images.  I have said many times it is hard to “get it all” in a picture out here, so these will help you see our land better. 


We are surrounded by farmland and pastures.  They are beautiful and untouched, but they have grown up so much since we bought our property 7 years ago.  They are becoming little woods, and that is fine with us.


This area is good for hunting and watching wildlife.  Basically I live in ATV heaven, any kind of off road vehicles can be found in my neighborhood.  We have three four wheelers and use daily when it is warm. But in the summer, it is all about the lake.

Named 06


Large areas are unmowed and natural.  Making it perfect to explore natures and enjoy the views.

 Named 05

Picture 071

This is our backyard.  I never grow tired of this view.


And seeing the wildlife like rabbits, deer, wild turkey and all sorts of birds.


Our home was built in 2006, so this summer we will have been here 5 years.  I cannot believe how fast it has went.

named 01

Here you can see all the different beds.  The first two years we did the grass and dirt work, added the walkways, ect.  I cannot believe we lived for so long with no grass and flowers, but I was busy doing the inside of the house. The front walk borders were done in 2008, the butterfly garden, fire pit, driveway and wildflowers in 2009.  The kitchen Garden in 2010.

Named 03


This bench on the butterfly hill garden shows how natural and pretty the hill is behind our home.  We often see deer up there.  This overlooks the lake and is a favorite view of the gardens.

Named 04

Here you can see just how far it is from the house to the dock, but we own all the land.  My husband mows all of this too.


Here is some of the wildflowers that grew along the paths last summer.  We keep little pockets of grown up areas.  They are so interesting to see what comes up.

Picture 061

What a great place for my girls to grow up. We swim and fish at our dock all summer.  This year we are planning a raised platform under the trees with a swing under the trees.  I cannot wait to begin.

Picture 125

We even camp in our own backyard.  Lots of good memories and family fun.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our country home.  I am in Southern Indiana, about 30 miles North of Evansville.  45 miles from the Kentucky line.

Happy Gardening and Many Blessings…..Brooke

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