Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite flowers from SEED!

Oh….HOW I LOVE SEEDS!  I absolutely love everything about growing things from seeds.  And my garden would not look the same without them. 
For pennies a plant you can have a lush, full display year after year. Many of the plants in the bed seen above are from seed.  It gave me the rich, full and lush look I wanted, as well as knowing I almost always will have something in bloom in this area.
Here are a few of my favorites.  I hope you might be inspired to try them as well.  All of the following plants I grew from seed in the last two years.
Annual Cleomes…. I have a few different varieties, and I love them all. This one is a very bright pink.
I have the soft pink and white ones as well.
IMG_5832Annual Pink and White Baby’s Breath
IMG_5846Canterbury Bells (Biennials)
Annual Candytuft ( Reblooms all Season)
Perennial White Yarrow and Annual Feverfew
Foxglove (Biennials)
So many different Perennial Hollyhocks….
Annual Zinnia and Cosmos…
Annual Heirloom Pink Catchfly
Annual Pink Evening Primrose
Perennial Russell Lupines
Annual Moss Seed Verbena
Perennial Mountain Bluet
Perennial Coreopsis
Picture 076 - Copy
Annual Johnny Jump Ups and Violas
Picture 409
Perennial Sweet Williams
Annual Verbenas
Annual Morning Glory Vine
Coneflowers are very easy from seed …. actually most perennials are reliable from seeds.  I could go on and on, and I am sure I left out a few favorites like larkspurs and poppy.  But this is a good start.
As you can see, I start the majority of my new beds with seeds.
To me it is a beautiful sight to find my little babies popping up.  It makes me want to go out in the snow and look for them today, but I know they are under their blanket waiting for it to warm up again.
Many blessing to all…. and much love…..Brooke

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  1. You've started so many pretty ones from seed. I used to only start a few different varieties from seed, but over the last few years I've been trying more and more.
    A great idea for a post and I think I may do one too.

  2. Your blog is a delight Brooke! I can't wait to come back and watch those seeds grow in 2011

  3. I too love seeds..I also have really been enjoying my greenhouse for an early jump on seed starting. I have the orange tall cosmos seeds if you are interested.

  4. You really do possess the proverbial green thumb, Brooke! I've not really ever had much success with seeds, but then I guess I've not really tried hard enough or long enough. One of the reasons I got my greenhouse was ostensibly so I'd start growing from seed, but it's already almost full just with the few orchids we split last year and other plants (ferns etc) that I choose to keep in there, so no room left for seeds, I'm afraid.

    You have the kind of garden, so full of colour and variety, that I can only dream of. It's wonderful being able to see it all through your blog!


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