Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best of 2010–Warm Days of Summer


And oh my did it ever get warm in a hurry! 
 In my last post I said what a wonderful spring we had last year. 
And early June was very nice…. but then it was HOT! 
And I do mean HOT.
But, that did not stop me from gardening…. full force!


The thing I recall the most was how nice my
March seeded annual flowers did.  Oh my, they were such good fillers! 
 Annual white and pink baby’s breath and catchfly….
sweet alyssum and verbena… I love them all! 


The new astillbes that I planted from the my free stuff
 I told you about were pink!  How wonderful was that, and I think I had 8
 large clumps in bloom.  It matched the rest of this bed perfectly.
Just as I had picked it out just for this area.


The Kim’s Knee High coneflowers really shined in this same bed. 
 I now have them planted all over, this is a winner and a true dwarf for me.


The past year, the frost got most of my hydrangea blooms, but last June more up for it! 
This is the best this Nikko Blue has ever bloomed for me. 
And the clematis behind it was beautiful too.


I have 5 different kinds of clematis, but this Henryii on each side of my porch is my favorite.


June begins daylily season, and Hal’s Pink is the biggest one I have ever grown. 
I am amazed they are the size of my hand.


I try to grow so many of my things from seed, and then you wait….
 and wait some more for biennials…. but Canterbury bells are worth it. 
 I had blue, pink and purple ones last summer.


Same goes for foxgloves, isn’t this the prettiest shade of pink/purple with spots! 
You never know what you will get, but they are all beautiful.


See all the different blues I ended up with, that makes me such a happy gardener.


The lilies were so full and pretty, this is their 3rd year and they have filled in.


Oh I miss these blooms!


I hope I took the time to appreciate them,
 I so miss walking in the garden every morning…. don’t you?


Okay, it looks like I have more to share today than I thought….
so I will continue this tomorrow. 
Hope you enjoyed some of my blooms,
 it is in the low 30’s and snowing here in Indiana today!

Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. definitely needed that....I have a similar garden style and just love the changes in your garden...thx for sharing on these cold, dark, snowy days

  2. Beautiful blossoms! We're enjoying Winter in our gardens right now, not so much in color, but still beauty to be found.

  3. Gorgeous blooms! That clematis and huge yellow lily makes me so "homesick" for a yard that isn't brown and crusty.

  4. Your garden is so beautiful, Brooke and your 2010 summer show has me feeling quite envious :) My garden has a lot of shade (we need it, here, to get through our hot, dry, windy summers) - so I have little opportunity to grow too many sun loving flowers. I'm amazed that your hydrangeas and foxgloves do so well in a full sun spot. Here, I have to grow them in shaded areas.

    It's been too hot here to garden much during the day. I'm mostly getting out there in the evenings to do the necessary trimming and deadheading. But, after your INSPIRING post, I'm determined to put in more effort and remember to FULLY ENJOY it all while it lasts!!!

  5. Just gorgeous and such a mood lifter today!

  6. Oh yes, I too miss my morning garden walk! It helps to look back over the years highlights with so many other garden bloggers. Lovely!

  7. Your garden is beautiful.

    Thanks for featuring my post today on facebook.

    And, thanks for all the WebGarden work you do. I enjoy your posts, every day.

  8. Love your garden Brooke - I'll be taking notes as I prepare for spring planting - an old-fashioned flower garden is my favourite!

  9. Hi. I wanted to thank you for following my blog. I am glad to have you and wanted to welcome you. Happy, happy new year.

  10. Thank you Brooke for featuring me on WebGarden! I'm honored. Your blog is beautiful and I loved seeing your garden. It was a bright spot on this otherwise gray winter day! ~Delores

  11. Everything looked so beautiful Brooke. I cannot wait until we can see blooms again out in the garden beds.

  12. So pretty Brooke! we had some sunshine today...a few roses have blooms and my geranuims are always lovely year round in southern California:))

    I pulled a few weeds today! yippee~~ lol

    The hills around our home look like Ireland lush and green~~hope to take some pics this weekend:)

    Happy New Year!!

    See you on facebook!
    Kay Ellen

  13. should link this in with my FF post party on Fridays....and Flaunt your flowers with me. Your gardens are so beautiful!


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