Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Best of 2010–Spring & Early Summer

This past spring was on the the prettiest I can remember.  Our Indiana weather was fantastic.  After long months of cold winds here at the lake, it was paradise to be outside again.  For whatever reason, I did not seem to take many pictures of my bulbs blooming.  Not that I had that many.  I do remember being upset because my beds were so low on mulch and looked messy.  That is a silly reason, but on camera we seem to notice every flaw don’t we?  It turned out to be a very good thing, because my seed germination rate was fantastic.  I am low on mulch this year as well, as the last time I bought any was for the garden tour day in June. 
So I thought it would be nice to remember the year, and all the lovely things we shared.  I included this first photo to show you my hubby’s grass.  See we have struggled to get out grass to fill in since we did so much dirt work building our home.  This past spring it finally started looking like a lawn! 
It seems like we always have so many things to do as soon as the weather warms up.  Something that was on my list was to travel to a garden 50 miles away to “take all you want!”  What a fun experience that was.  I lady my hubby works with now lives in her mothers home and “is not a gardener”.  So she was not sure what she had, but it needed to be cleaned out…. and boy, did I ever help.  An entire truck bed of plants and best of all a free arbor!  It was in need of a new leg, but now it looks great at our front walk.  If anyone ever has a chance like that, take them up on it or call me…. lol.  It was so much fun to see things bloom and figure out what all I had.
There you can see my free arbor…  and how pretty Purple Sensation Alliums were up the walk.  This was the first time I have planted them.  I think I had 15… now I think I have planted at least 100.  They were so fantastic. 
The odd thing is that all the hostas you see here I gave away.  They were getting to large and a bit too much sun, and I never found one allium bulb to save.  So whomever got a hosta gets a surprise!  I love that when I get plants and something else pops up too….don’t you?
This pasque flower is a funny little thing.  The first year it barely bloomed, but in early May it was covered with fuzzy blooms last spring.  It kind of disappears when it warms up, but definitely worth a spot towards the front for it’s spring show.
This is an heirloom hearty geranium that came from my MIL’s garden.  She gave me three little sticks with almost no roots… and in three years it has covered a 4 foot circle.  It is such a pretty little bloom and delicate leaves.  Almost looks like an ivy.  I have never seen another one like it around here, but it is a treasure in my garden.
This lovely lady is Dorothy Rose Columbine.  I had never grown any columbine, but my first year out here I found this at a small nursery.  The lady insisted I try it and I am so glad I did.  I love plants that bloom over a long period, but really, this color and shape is worth waiting for next year.
I saw lupine on a blog once I started following them and just had to try it.  Then after buying the seed I read how hard they are to grow in Southern Indiana.  But for two years this patch here has bloomed.  I have the pink kind as well, but it is much smaller and only one bloom…. hope it makes it because they are so pretty and unusual here.  It was a hit at the garden tour.
This is another plant that you don’t see much, if at all.  It was labeled Bush Honeysuckle, but I believe it to be a weigelia of some sort.  All I can say is it is a beautiful bright pink with so many blooms you would not believe it.  I have two of them from a mail order catalog and they were a dollar a piece!  They have took off and really filled in from tiny twigs!  I think they might be “Pink Princess” but they are show stoppers for sure.
By late May the garden was ablaze, but so was the road!  These wildflowers in my rock garden were so pretty.  The self proclaimed “I don’t like yellow” gardener… sure does have a lot of that color in her garden…. Maybe that is because I just cannot say no to a plant or seeds! 
Did you notice I updated my page to say “Waiting for an Early Spring!”  Wishful thinking I know.  But it can’t help to ask!
Happy Gardening, and Happy New Year!

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  1. What a beautiful home! I love it!

  2. I think every gardener is hoping for an early spring! Love your new blog look. Really enjoyed your pictures. I have always admired lupines but to actually see them growing was so neat. I bet they were much adored at your garden tour. Hang in there, spring will be here before we know it. I am looking forward to my rose pruning in February. It seems that from that point on there is always something to do outside as weather permits.

  3. Hi Brooke, I saw you commented on Deb's blog so shot over here to visit. Your house brings back such memories for me of my house we left not two years ago in NY. We are in Alabama now and I love it but that doesn't mean I don't think about my northern home and gardens. I'm so thankful I have my blog to go back to and remember all the fun we had. Fun that I'm making now in my new home. What a beautiful blog and home you have. Your gardens are fantastic! I love the birdy songs (and I'm naming all the birds in my head as I hear them sing!!) I would like to visit again!!

  4. Hi Jenn! I am holding off pruning this year, I lost 4 big roses last summer and I think I pruned too hard, too early. I get all this wind out here from the lake. It can be tricky. I am using more hearty roses now too.

    Welcome Eve! Nice to have you here. Thanks so much. We have been in our home almost 5 years, and it will never be done, but that is the fun part for me!

  5. Hi Brooke! Your post is beautiful today! ... and thank you for letting me know about Web Garden... I'm anxious to explore! Is there an easy way to connect with it? Although my posts are linked in to my facebook page, I'm lacking in knowledge about how facebook works, and seldom access it... thanks again and have a great week, Larry

  6. Hello Brooke!

    I absolutely LOVE your blog with the birdsong, frog calls and little dragonflies - so calming
    and beautiful!

  7. I am having trouble with getting my comment typed up. The cursor seems to get stuck!!! Anyway, I still had lots I wanted to say. See if I can get it done this time. The gorgeous pink shrub is definitely a weigelia - I have them here, but mine don't do anywhere as well as yours!

    Your garden is an absolute haven, as I have said before & I am so, so envious of your beautiful boulders!!!!


    Des xo

  8. Your gardens and yard are just beautiful...wonder what it looks like now? I have little seedlings popping up under and around a lot of brown!

  9. Larry, once you start you will be hooked. I sent a friend request for you. You just click like on the webgarden page.

    Desiree, thanks so much hun. I am wondering it the dragonflies are messing up the comments. My curser is blinking as I type, I may have to take them off, but I thought they were so cute.

    Darla, it looks like a whole lot of grey and brown nothing, with a little bit of evergreens scattered around. It will be years before they are big enough to notice them. I miss all my green.... and I definately dont have any babies popping up. Soon though, I hope!

  10. I have that same issue with mulch impeding seed germination. It's nice when too little of something turns out to be a good thing! Really like that pasque flower. :)

  11. Thanks for sharing the photos and giving me a blast of spring time! It seems like a long time away but I know it will be here before I know it!

    Your gardens are lovely.

  12. Beautiful flowers Brooke. I love your Dorothy Rose Columbine and I think you're right about the one being a Wiegela. I was looking at some of your other posts and was wondering if you got you varigated Iris. I bought one last year and they add such a different beauty to the flowers. Love the color green they are, almost like a sage green. Oh and I did get a chance when a friend who was moving told me to come and get everything I wanted. I also jumped on it but I was sure a slave to my yard all summer. It'll be appreciated this summer!
    Great post and so bright and cheery.

  13. Dear Brooke, Your garden is lush and lovely. I love the next to last photo!! I want to thank you so much for featuring my blog post. I tried to thank you under the post but could not get it to work.? So glad you enjoy the birds. Thank You! Happiest of New Years! Carol

  14. Oh, I love the alliums, too, and want to plant more! Thanks for linking!

    An Oregon Cottage


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