Saturday, December 18, 2010

My lost November Post....

Hello there.... I logged on to my blogger account and found a post that had never been sent.  So I will send it now.... It was originally title....  "Next Years Blooms".... and it was from Nov 19th.

Next years blooms are right here.  These are the hollyhocks I started from seed late this summer.  Don’t they look great?  I can’t wait to see them all blooming!
Here is the front walk this week.  It is a bit protected and still looks pretty good.  We have had enough frost that things are fading fast.
Like my rose here, she looks a bit rough, but still beautiful to me.  So many have buds, but I am wondering if they will ever open.  So this may be one of the last.
But the grasses are going strong.
I just love them… wanting more and more!
But this red on my crepe myrtle is fantastic.  I don’t remember it getting this color last year.
And of course, I have more iris blooms!  I can see them from the house and check to see if they have opened each morning.  It make me look forward to even more blooms next year!
Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. wishing it was Nov again so i could see my garen which is buried with snow...thx for the lovely reminder of the garden


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