Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November Roses!


I had to make a new file folder for the first time this morning…. November Blooms! 


My “The Fairy” Roses are just full of color…. the is a perfect bouquet!

IMG_7691 I have a pink and white theme in this bed…. here is an Immortality RB iris with the roses in the background.  There are six irises, but just this one is blooming…. I hope all of them will be next year.


More detail…. and it has a wonderful scent.


What is not to love about irises…. I have so many that are new… I cannot wait till they bloom next spring!


My annuals have been taking off again.  I am thinking about digging this one up today to try to save it from the frosts.


These white mums have been so striking at the firepit.  You can see them from the road.  Just this week they are getting a touch of pink.


I love grasses…. this one is by the driveway…. it looks fantastic and I just planted it before the garden tour this summer.


Here you can see it with my Sunny Knockout Roses….


Aren’t they the most vibrant yellow?  They fade as they mature…. but I love them.

I have more pictures to share soon…. I took some of the rising sun and frost the other morning.

Until then…..Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. Brooke, your photos are lovely. How fortunate to still have blooms in your garden. When do you typically get your first hard frost? BTW, I really like the rock you used in your flower bed. Great for setting off the iris.

  2. Now isn't that a wonderful folder to make? Last year, I managed to roses into the first week of December before we finally got a killing freeze. It was incredible! I hope I get the same results this year. We've had a few light frosts, but my roses just shrug it off, especially the Sunny Knockout. Mine is wonderfully fragrant, how about yours?

  3. It's great to have such pretty roses in November! I planted "The Fairy" in early spring and it is growing well. Your is so nice. The Sunny knockouts are their best in cooler temps. In the heat of the summer, mine fade to white on the first day. Great post!

  4. H Brooke. Girl your garden is looking lovely still. All those wonderful roses to perk up a Fall garden.Have a wonderful week!


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