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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Morning Sunrise


Wanted to show you some pictures of the sun coming up over the butterfly garden.


The light was just magical….


Making everything just glow….


Especially the grasses…..


And the trees…..


The morning sun made the leaves glisten….


And the blooms brighter….


Especially the irises….


And the coneflowers still blooming…..


Signs of winter are all around us…..


So I cherish the last few pretty mornings I can be outside.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. I love that light through the grasses, how lovely.

  2. What a gorgeous sunrise and the light in the grass is beautiful. (And, I love your rocks!)

  3. Yes, that is the firepit. But after we dug our basement we had 51 boulders. That is with me only counting the huge ones. Hubby wanted to use them as back fill, I said NO! We had to get 2 truckloads of dirt to go back around the house to have enough to replace the rocks. They are everywhere, at the driveway, ect. The thing is once they are set they dont move! I keep extending out, but my rocks dont! Lol...

  4. You've done a lovely job of capturing the sunrise!

  5. Mornings are the best time of the day for almost everything!

  6. That is worth getting up early for! Your garden is lovely, and the morning sun turns it to magic. I can just feel the glory!

  7. Your blog is beautiful, Brooke. To be the custodian of such a vast garden and to have designed it all yourself is amazing. I can't wait to enjoy everything you share on these pages.

  8. Hi Brooke. It's me again - I also had to add how envious I am of all the wonderful rocks you have in such abundance. I love using rock in the garden, but as it doesn't occur naturally in mine, we have to buy it from our nursery. This becomes quite costly! I do also try to adopt odd rocks when we go on trips out into the countryside, but at most can only transport a couple at a time and then, they have to be limited to a size I can pick up (or ask my husband to do so for me).

  9. definitely magical...and you captured these scenes so gorgeously!

  10. A nice posting Brooke... and congrats on being blog of the day! Larry

  11. Beautiful images! You really captured the moment, thank you for sharing with us. Christina


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