Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Putting the garden to bed…..

I went to a garden club meeting today and liked that expression.  I kind of feel like that this week.  Like I am tucking it in for the long winter sleep.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still have a few things blooming, and I am thankful for that.  I guess planning does pay off for the all season garden.  But it has just been so hot, dry and miserable…. that I think the garden is ready for a rest.


I took these pictures a few days ago.  I think they look better in the shots than in real life, but as you can see I have quite a bit of color still.


Mostly because of my annuals I do from seed each year.  This is moss verbena and it blooms for 6 months here.


It looks really good with sweet alyssum, they just wrap around the rocks so pretty.


The hydrangeas really did wonderful this year.  Even dying I still enjoy them.


My big leaf hostas are really turning color quick.


This grass has been a pretty skirt for my little althea tree on this corner.  I will divide it so it does not get too big next year, but it was really nice this fall.  I love grasses.


This is that Autumn Fire Sedum, still beautiful, a new favorite.


Wine and Roses Weigelia is a standout with the purple leaves.  Coral bells at the bottom of this pictures.


My Light O’ Day Hydrangeas color is brighter since it cooled off, more yellow now.


The bug are eating on the hyacinth bean vine.  I have been collecting seeds from it for next year.


I still have a few containers that are doing well.



These are all from the front porch where I actually watered….lol.




My groundcovers are even dying back from no rain.  You can see how brown my grass is.




My little Grandma Crow has done so well this year.  The baby hollyhocks are coming along nicely and the garlic chives still have a few blooms. 




And the blue sage, roses and mums in this bed are my best color….but fading fast.



I will so miss the bright yellow blooms when they are gone!

I apologize for my pictures, they are a little weird today, it was overcast and I used a filter to correct them and I don’t really like the effect.  Oh well, they work. 

I had a nice day at a regional garden club meeting  today.  Got some huge daffodil bulbs and other goodies at the sale.  But after being gone all day I am ready to pile up infront of the tv and watch some of the up-teen shows I have taped and never seem to find the time to watch! 

Happy Gardening and thanks for stopping by….Brooke


  1. Love the fall color in your garden! You've really used texture, too, to prolong interest. Nice!

  2. Your gardens are looking much better and more lush than mine. My yard is tired of the heat. I love your granny scarecrow and your marvelous view! I've been lucky with my hyacinth bean vines. Nothing has gotten to the leaves yet.


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