Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Planting Bulbs To Enjoy Next Spring!

It is spring bulb planting season…. and I have been hard at it!  I will tell you it has not been an easy chore this year!  The ground has been so dry and tough to dig in.  I admit I have been a bit lazy watering, and you could tell it when I started digging.  So I have been watering the beds BEFORE planting….just to make it even possible.  I have never experienced a summer/fall like this one.  Almost no rain at all and so hot.  So now we just look forward….. to Spring!  Here are a few of my new and favorite bulbs.  I hope you might still find them too, most I bought in the last two week in local stores.


“King Alfred Jumbo” (Photo from the Web)

Yellow Trumpet Narcissi (Giant Daffodil)

Flowers up to 5 in. across top sturdy 18- to 20-in. stems. Zones 3-8.

These are the biggest daffodil bulbs I have ever seen.  They were 3-4 times larger than normal ones.  I have 15 of these up the walk to the deck, with new 100 normal ones planted on the other side.  I hope they will multiply and I can add them in other areas.  I got these at the trade show at our regional garden club meeting.  They were from another garden in a cute basket.  My favorite way to get new plants!

I know that Daf’s are underappreciated.  But nothing says Easter like their cheery yellow faces.  Since I am new construction I am adding bulbs everywhere I can…. hoping for a wonderful show every year like so many older homes have.  That and I have large tree envy…lol.



Replete Daffodil

Pure white ray petals surround a ruffely tuft of sweet peach and white in the center.

Bloom Time: Mar – May,  Hardiness Zone: 3 – 8,  Height:  18″

I thought these were pretty, I love peach blooms and they were ruffled.  I have been told they may flop over, but I did not give too much for them.  Worth a try!



Purple Sensation Alliums….. I have added 50 more bulbs this year.  I am thinking my bulbs from last year went with the hostas I dug up!  I will look for them in my moms garden….. so I may have them double planted…. but at least I will have more this year!  I just loved them and they really showed up from the road.  A big bonus for me since my house sets back quite a bit.  Most had 2 blooms per bulb and I am told they multiply well.  This photo is from May in my own garden.  I liked these so much I also picked up….


Roseum Alliums

Such a pretty pink!  I would love this in drifts….

“Allium roseum is one of the little known garden gems. Blooms late in the spring with several umbels laced with intense pink colored flowers. Spreads slowly into the border, creating bright patches of pink during May - June. The flowers are excellent for cutting as well to be grown in planters.”


Allium Oreophilum or Alpine Rosy Bells

I think I have these already, or one similar to it, but mine looked more purple/blue.  These are to bloom in June,  a bit later…. but I love that shade of magenta pink.


And I finally bought a bag of mixed crocus.  I saw so many lovely pictures of these last spring and in gardens here locally.  I finally just had to give in and plant some. 

Now, if all that I had last year comes back and the couple hundred I planted this week…. we should have something wonderful to look forward to come Spring!

Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. There's still time to plant bulbs here too as we haven't had a hard frost yet. (Here, being Edmonton, Alberta). Nice photos!

  2. Very pretty.. and inspiring. Must put bulbs on my list.

  3. Oh so beautiful!! I feel like i've been swept away to a beautiful garden! So pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  4. It must be in the air. I planted a bag of crocus this morning too. I have the replete daffs and they stand up for me. At least I don't remember them being floppy. I am sure mine don't get the sun yours will. I bet they do ok. They make great cut flowers.

  5. You found some really pretty ones. I planted Alliums for the first time last fall and loved them too. I need to pick some more up.
    I love the falling leaves on your blog!


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