Friday, October 29, 2010

Last FF of October

In the Fairy Rose Garden we still have quite a bit of blooms.
Even a hollyhock is still blooming.  You can see this area from my dining room window.  The seed for this white hollyhock is available here.
The front walk annuals from seed are still going strong.
My little baby Jap. Maple…. so darn cute.  I really hope it makes it there.
Ver. Hydrangea is really vibrant in the cool weather.
Autumn Fire Sedum….. a must have in my book.
Love anything that even looks like berries! 
Vibrant purple blooms are always welcome.
My pink double KO’s are still going strong.
The best for last….. An Indian Summer Hollyhock…. I have this one in stock too.
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Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. You still have so much happening in your garden!The Osteospermum just keeps blooming its heart out! I love this plant for that! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello there Brooke! Nice to meet you - your pictures are a treat for the eye! Most of my flowers are through but I still have sweet little primroses and sedum - they'll probably be good until Dec! I've seen them blooming in the snow :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  3. Brooke, your garden is thriving yet, so late in the season. I have never seen a variegated hydrangea, how pretty. Love your angel and the roses, too. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks so much girls! Yes, I am holding on...but taking a bunch of pictures today. We had our first hard freeze last night.

    Shirley, I love Ostie's! They get better every year.

    Kathie, I love your blog. I need to take more pictures inside my house too! You inspire me.

    Karen... my V. Hyd is called Light 'O Day and it bloomed for me this year. I really like it and the leaves are just fantastic texture and color all season. You have a great weekend too... lots of trick or treating here!

  5. I like listening to the birds! You have some beautiful plants. I love all your pink roses and the var. hydrangea is wonderful. I could guess it's still summer from your photos!

  6. Hi Brooke, Love your roses and that white hollyhock looks like it's bending just so it can get in the shot. :)


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