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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween House Tour


Thought since I am getting ready to take some of these pretty things down tomorrow I have better show them to your first.


I love the holidays and decorate for every single one…. I think!  There is a huge amount of boxes, bags and cabinets of holiday stuff in my basement.  And I need to get rid of even more…. but I just can’t seem to help myself.  I love it all.


But I love the colors of fall the most.  My kitchen walls are pumpkin and sage.  It looks fall all year, but it just glows right now.


Mason Jars and a hand held mixer.  I will be storing seeds in these soon.  My junk has a purpose!  Lol…


I love the worn handle on the mixer…. I think this one was hubby’s grandmas.


My mom’s kitchen is all chickens… I just have this one….  so far!


This hangs on the patio door.


Some greenery from my countertop.



Some black crows in the living room.


A collection of fall things on my TV cabinet…. the branches is from annual baby’s breath!  It dried fantastic, one more reason to grow it.


I have little pumpkins everywhere.


These are in my dining room,


But this is my favorite “fall” item…. a painting that was done for my grandparents of the house I grew up in….


My parents bought it when I was three.  It was the “home place” of our family farm. 


We lived there until I was 18, and now it looks much different.  But I think it is such a blessing to have a painting of your childhood home, just as you remember it.


And the fall leaves in it just are perfect.  They are huge maples I remember playing under.  The one on the left is gone now.  It looks a bit odd when I go by there not to see it.

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend with your families.  We are mowing one last time and then putting up the hoses and gardening things for the year.  Which is fine because I am now thinking pretty hard about where the trees are going this year.  I am guessing I will start the Christmas decorating in a few days!  Lol… It takes me about 2 weeks to do it every year. 

Lol…. Happy Halloween….Brooke

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