Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn Tryst

What is a Tryst?
Tryst –  an arrangement to meet, especially one made privately or secretly by lovers.
But I must say…. my Autumn Tryst should not be kept a secret….  I am in love with it and telling everyone how pretty this reblooming iris is in my garden today.
I actually have three blooming right now…. the white one Immortality that I posted this week, this one, and one getting ready to bloom called Congratulations.
I will show you a pic when it opens….but what a treat to have things still blooming in late October.  I planted these Mid-Spring of this year, so I am very happy.
They are blooming in my Butterfly Garden.  In the back of this picture you can see my guaras…. they have came back to life this week and are blooming both white and pink flowers on the same plant.  Very pretty!
Here is a closer shot, it is hard to photograph….but beautiful swaying in the breeze.
I will be posting more later….until then….
Happy Gardening…..Brooke

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