Friday, September 10, 2010

FF~ September 10, 2010

Welcome to another Fertilizer Friday!  It is a nice rainy morning in Southern Indiana…. and we needed it.  It hasn’t amounted to much, but there is another chance for tomorrow for more.  I snuck out a took a few pictures this morning….enjoy.








The front walk still has quite a bit of color.  But it looks more like fall everyday.




The butterfly garden very early this morning….  It has been so pretty this year, very drought resistant.



The fire pit still has some color, I have bright pinks there and you can see them from almost everywhere on out property.


And I finally got a few shots of moon vine!


Have a great weekend everyone…. Scooby and I are going to hang out on the couch.  I have about 15 hours of shows taped on my DVR!  I get behind when it is pretty and I am gardening!

Look for an upcoming post on ROSES…. I am doing this weekend.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


PS> If you have not met Scoob, he is our 4 year old Great Dane.  He is as tall as my island and weighs over 170 pounds.  But the best dog we have ever had and a big baby.  He does not bother the garden too much…. except for a few choice evergreens he likes to pee on…lol.

And yes, he looks just like Scooy Doo!


  1. Your fall garden looks wonderful and the photo of your dog is really special! L

  2. Your garden looks amazing! Handsome dog too! Now I will have to check out your tour! Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful garden. Love the sounds of birds on your blog.

  4. aloha brooke,

    you have so many colorful blooms going on this week in your front garden, love the porch, i think i could hang out here for days :)

    thanks for sharing them with us. today i'm sharing an unusual orchid blooming from a friends yard.

  5. Love your view and all the beautiful plants and flowers that ae growing - thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  6. Your gardens look fantastic Brooke. So much still going on there.
    I need to take a few and get back to GardenWeb I glanced and there are quite a few things I want to go check out. Just been busy and running behind as usual this summer.

  7. I just want to give Scooby a big old kiss on his huge nose!!! awesome!!!
    you have a wonderful place to enjoy nature!!! Your view is just grand and you have a lot of very pretty flowers to look at! I wish I could come see in person!
    thanks for flaunting...I hope you will again soon


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