Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Garden Tour – Front Walk

Hello Gardening Friends!  I have been super busy helping with a local fall festival this week.  I have been away from the garden too much!  But today I finally had time to take some pictures…. okay, a lot of pictures to share with you!  This cute little sign sums it up….
Happy Fall Y’all!!! 
This first post will be about the front walk… I added many more fall blooming things last year and it has paid off…. big time.  :)  I am happy to have many things still blooming.
One of my favorites is the Blue Satin Altheas or Rose of Sharon.  It can be seen from inside the house, although it is only 2 years old, it is getting tall.  I love this shade of blue… so pretty.
I added mums to the window boxes and hollyhocks are still blooming below.
The purple seed verbena is fantastic…. as it has been all summer.
It is on both sides of the walk…. notice my front steps are rocks!
Here is a better view of the steps.
I love all the dark purple foliage of my wine and roses weigelia and plum pudding coral bells.
My baby Japanese maple is holding it’s own…. it will be so pretty when it gets big there!
This new sedum Autumn Fire is just fantastic…. love this combination.
My next post is about the porch…. just wait!
More of the tour to follow… stay tuned…lol.
Happy Gardening….Brooke

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  1. I LOVE your front!! The walk, the porch, the WINDOW BOXES!!

    So very lovely. I want window boxes sooooo badly, maybe someday;)

    Simply gorgeous!


  2. We have a lot in common, especially with big rocks. I just spent a nice long time in your garden, touring the fire pit, driveway plantings and now your front walk, everything is so well planned and laid out so nicely. And I love the view from your early morning post...I can see I would have a hard time pulling myself away to get any work done, too! Thank you for sharing your garden with me, I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

  3. You have a lovely home, yard and garden. I really like how you have designed your beds. Love the first photo, Brooke! Happy Autumn!


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