Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thinking Ahead to Fall - GGBD

As I look out at the garden, I can’t help but notice it is telling me something…. “Fall is near.”
The hydrangeas are turning deeper into brown…. still lovely…
But fading a bit more every day…
The grasses are at there glory… so pretty swaying in the wind….
I love they way they mix with the flowers still blooming….
As I look closer I see plants waiting for there turn… to shine in the Fall Garden Show.
Yes, I am in the mood for fall.  Although I will desperately miss my colorful borders and blooms…. Fall is a time to plan… divide…. and plant for me.  I love nothing more than gardening in a cool crisp day outside.  I did a big project last year at the driveway…. nothing of that scale this year…. but it is early yet! 
I have even been thinking of getting the decorations for my house out…. it has been busy here, but any day you might see a pumpkin or two!  Even my graphics are ready for the big cool down!!
Happy GBBD Everyone~ Brooke


  1. Great blog design for fall. I would love to think fall but it's still in the 80's and humid here. Looking forward to Sept. Jean

  2. Yes we are definitely moving into fall here too but it has it's own charm.

  3. This summer has been so hot, that I am definitely ready for fall, too. Your hydrangeas are lovely--this is one plant that I think looks as good as it ages as it does in first bloom. Oh...just saw the falling leaves across the page--nice touch! Happy Bloom Day, Brooke!

  4. I really like your graphics, and the way the leaves fall. I noticed on our way back from vacation up north that some of the trees were definatly turning colour.

  5. Being from Vermont, I've always loved fall and it's still our favorite season! Seems very early this year though... Larry

  6. What a dream of a garden you have! I would love for you to participate in my weekly garden meme, the Tuesday Garden Party:
    We need some flower inspiration like yours!


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