Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gardening On The ROCKS!


When you came to visit, one thing you cannot miss is my all ROCKS!


I have over 50 boulders that came from digging our walkout basement.  One of them is larger than a small car. 



The majority of them are in our fire pit area….it is my Rock Garden.  They are placed in a large circle with a rocked fire area in the center.


We planted this area 2 years ago, but everything was small starts and cuttings then.  I have a theme is is “does good without care or water… cheap…. and shades of PINK!”

Picture 013

I always enjoy seeing things change and grow, here is the Althea last August 2009….


And here it is today…. wow.  It is a Lucy Althea and it is giving me almost instant privacy.  There is a county road that travels behind this area and is sometimes dusty.  So my shrubs and trees give us a break and some shade.

Picture 010

Here is the view towards the lake last August 2009….


And now…. Lots bigger and brighter this year.  And you can see it from so many places in the yard.  It is just ablaze with color… and of course it is too hot to even enjoy it!


These butterfly bushes are the perfect color and constantly loaded with visitors.  Of an evening this is a good place to sit on the rocks and look at the lake.


We have lots of cookouts and parties down here.  We light the Tiki torches and it looks like the set of the show Survivor….lol…. like we have tribal council and vote people off the island.  It is pretty to watch fireworks here, and soon some fall time fires in the evenings.

I have a second post to follow this showing the rocks around the house and driveway.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. I love it when people use the native stone to landscape. Your theme is cute.

  2. I love rocks. I live on rocks...and still don't have enough big ones.

    Yours are great! And, you've used them really well.

  3. You really do have some rocks don't you? Must of been fun moving them to the perfect spot. LOL

  4. You've created a wonderful gardenscape using these enormous rocks ... great job! Love the 'fire pit' area with the view over the lake ... it's a great spot.


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