Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Gardener’s Prayer


Thank you for my garden, Lord, and for each tiny seed
that sprouts and blooms so beautifully to fill my soul's true need.
Thank you for the pleasure, Lord, I find here on bended knee
for my garden's glory surely is a blessing sent from Thee.

I see Your love reflected in the color of every bloom;
a rainbow of Your splendor in every tint and hue.
Each tiny, dew-drop coated bud a promise of Your love,
nurtured by warm, summer sun You send from up above.

I thank You for the gentle rain that that feeds the dry, parched earth
and freshens air and leaf and tree and gives each one new birth .
I thank You for the gentle breeze that bends each petaled head
and gently carries butterflies throughout my flower bed.

I ask You for Your Blessing, Lord, upon my little plot of land,
may it grow and flourish guided by Your hand.
Thank you for the pleasure, Lord, I find here on bended knee,
and in each flower that blossoms as a blessing sent from Thee.

-Unknown Author



  1. Hi, Brooke;
    Beautiful rose. I still have some blooming and I hope it stays that way for awhile longer. I'm just not ready to say good-bye to summer.

  2. You have the most beautiful website I've ever visited. I admire your creativity!

  3. Such a beautiful rose...after scrolling through some of your posts I agree with Marlis...what a beautiful site!!! applause

  4. Your blog screams Fall! Love it!!
    Gorgeous rose..I can almost smell it!


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