Friday, August 13, 2010

Back To School Blooms

Oh I just cannot believe the alarm actually went off a few minutes ago and the school bus will be coming to our drive….  Aug 13th is way too early to start back to school.  Yesterday we set a record on heat and it was 101 here in southern Indiana.  I took the girls out to pay school dues and get the rest of there supplies and it was miserable.  I have only been watering in the evenings and pulling a weed or two when I get the mail.  I am so ready for it to cool down.  But all in all, the garden doesn’t look too bad surprisingly.


This is my favorite vine, hyacinth bean that I grew from last years collected seeds.  It is late summer before it takes off, but very much worth the wait.  It looks very good growing up posts and birdhouses… :)


I have removed so many hostas up the front walk, but the lilyturf is enjoying the sun it is now getting.  This is a forgettable plant until it blooms.  I love anything purple.


As you can see here with moss verbena… which I have planted seed for every year, but now it is coming back on its own.  I need to cut it back, but it is blooming so pretty, I just let it go!


Coquette des Blanches is a nonstop bloomer for me.


Tamora, an Austin rose is fighting blackspot, but still lovely.


All 15 of my The Fairy roses are blooming….they are a mass of soft pink and whites.


I still have a pretty good display of daylilies.  I think this one is called Smoke Signal. it is a beautiful peach and new to me this year.

IMG_6717 This is the longest blooming daylily I have, Autumn Red, it has bloomed nonstop since the garden tour in Mid-June.  I keep thinking I am going to divide it, but it is doing so well where it is. 


These last two I am not sure on the names…. but they have ruffles and I love them.


This one was suppose to be cream, but it looks very yellow to me.


Red Heart Althea looks so pretty against the blue sky.  It too has bloomed for weeks, I cannot ask for any more than that. 

Hubby is still healing from his DVT and very sore.  Hoping to start physical therapy next week if we can get the pain under control.  It has been a long road, and it looks like at least 3 more weeks of him being home.  Who knew a simple knee surgery and he would be down 6 weeks?  Thank god for insurance and my job being flexible so I can take him to appointments.

Everyone have a great weekend, and good start to school for all the teachers and kiddos.  I doubt they get much done today, but it ought to be a fun day seeing all their friends again.

Happy Gardening…Brooke

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  1. Back to school in a little over a week here. It has been very hot...your back to school blooms are very pretty. Prayers for your husband's healing.

  2. Thanks Darla, you are so sweet. Enjoy your last few days off. They keep saying it is going to cool off after Sunday, but it is miserable. We are home for the weekend, it should help him not to be traveling all the time for tests and appts. I am ready for some home-time!

  3. The back to school blooms are looking good. Yes, it seems much to early to go back to school. I even object to the ones that start back just before Labor Day weekend and wreck everyone's plans for one last fling!

  4. Your daylilies are still looking nice. I have purple hyacinth bean vine too and it is looking great in the heat right now. Hope your hubby heals well soon.

  5. I love the birdhouses in the first photo. Beautiful blooms. In Ontario we don't go back to school till the beginning of September.

  6. Sorry to hear it's taking so long, for your husband to feel better. Hope things move along faster, very soon.

    Can't believe you're starting school this early. It starts a bit later, here.

    Have a good weekend. Stay cool.

  7. Hi Brooke, first time to your blog - love the hyacinth bean in your first pic. We used to have some and I loved it, but have lost it some how. Love the way you have yours growing around the bird houses.

  8. Oh my, your garden is delightful. I especially love the roses. And, to cheer you up a bit, my grandchildren just finished up their SECOND week of school! Even our pastor made mention of how early things were starting this summer. Which is rather ironic considering how unusually hot a summer it is. :) Thanks for a lovely visit. :)

  9. Hi Brooke, Beautiful daylilies. Methinks I need to broaden my repertoire a bit. Your roses are beautiful too and I love the hyacinth bean making its way up. What a fun plant.

    I'm wishing you a cool down. I think it's kind of criminal the kids going back to school when it's still summer. It's the first week of September here but I've only got college students now so more like the end of September. It's going to feel weird.

    Best wishes for hubby's recovery. Stay cool.

  10. Your blog and the flowers are gorgeous! Happy autumn already ;).

  11. Looks really good for your miserable heat! We are having a mini heat wave here, but nothing like what you've had. When it hits the 90s here thats too hot. Especially since most houses don't have central air! Love your daylilies. Mine are waning but still a few hanging on.

  12. Hi Brooke,
    Thank you for the email that you sent my husband about the article in Country Gardens Magazine that featured our garden in the fall. We were quite excited to see it. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the pictures, because I was having my gallbladder out the day the official photographer was here. I really like your blog. I hope your husband is feeling better.

  13. We're more than halfway through the school year over here ... out next little break is only 5 weeks away. But I'm not counting down the days ... no!!! Our big break comes during out Summer when we have 7 weeks off ... which includes the Christmas/New Year. Right now it's Winter and smack big in the middle of the school year.
    Love your new look!!! The colours and the design is great. Also love your Day Lilies ... particularly Autumn Red! Love your patch of Verbena and your roses ... so many lovely blooms! Your garden is looking pretty good given those horrible temps and humidity!!!

  14. I'm going to have to grow hyacinth bean next year, I can see. :-)

    Thanks for linking these beautiful photos up to the Tuesday Garden Party!

  15. Gorgeous! I love the Daylillies! I certainly wish they last a bit longer :-)
    I'd love for you to join us on Weekend Warriors.
    I host a different linky party everyday.
    Come Party With Us!


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