Saturday, August 21, 2010

August - Picture This Entry

August Contest

I enjoy participating in the Picture This Photo Contest every month at Gardening Gone Wild.  This months category is On The Road Again.  What a great theme!

“This is what I am looking for: that choice image you discovered when you were out there on unfamiliar ground with an open mind and open eyes, when you were far away from home or close to where you live. But you still sought out a garden, other than your own, to reveal the soul of the place you were in. Every culture on earth has a way of expressing its essence through a sacred spot, or garden. Maybe your farthest travels have been a few hour’s drive away, or maybe they have been long plane-flights away, no matter. Let me see the beauty you found when you were way out there, tuned into the universal language of the garden.  Let me see your treasures from the road.”

For my entry I chose a photo from the Disney Epcot Flower Show.  We were lucky enough to be there on opening day and everything was so fresh and beautiful.  This would have to be my dream garden shed and landscape around it. 

Please take a minute to visit the site and see all the lovely photos each month.

Happy Gardening….Brooke