Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All I see is PINK!



Hello Gardening Friends…  I thought it would be fun to do an all PINK post for you today.  It has been a frustrating couple weeks for us here.  My hubby had knee surgery and developed a DVT (blood clot) in his leg.  He has been off work and recovering, with lots of trips to the doctors and tests.  He has been in a lot of pain, but slowly getting stronger.  It rarely happens with arthroscopic knee surgery, but just the luck….it did.


It has been so hot, I snuck out for a bit to shoot a few pictures…. Quickly…..(Pink Double KO Rose)  I haven’t been gardening very much, just watering and pulling weeds when I can.  I have been cleaning house and cooking a bunch…. and of course getting the girls ready to start school on Friday.  August 13th is too early for school!  This summer went too quick.


Can you believe I took this today?  I have a bloom on my Magnolia!  It is really a small plant and it bloomed for the first time this spring, and now… I think it is a Jane?  It was one of the plants I got at the Garden Club sale for $2.00!  Love that.


This has been a good week for the roses. (Coquette des Blanches)  This one has bloomed almost all summer long.  They are tiny, but so many at once.


And a few of the hollyhocks are still bright and pretty.  This one is in the “Kitchen Garden.”


I think this one is called Pink Heart Single.  They are looking a bit ragged.  It will soon be time for me to get my wagon and do some major cleanup…. but will it ever cool down enough to do it????  Heat index of 115 degrees today…. actual temp is 97! 

I have more pictures to share soon, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Pink has a very summery feeling, very pretty, Brooke. Do hope your husband is on the mend and will be up and about soon. Stay cool (easy for me to say, it's only 87º here :)

  2. What an explosion of colour in your garden! Very tropical! I had no idea that there are pink magnolias. I wonder whether it would grow in Mumbai ? hmmmm.....

  3. Great Pictures!!!!!Hope your hubby heals fast!

  4. You can't beat knockout for an easy care landscape shrub; they are unstoppable!

  5. Hi Deb, yes I really like the newest knock out Double Pink, it could almost pass for a small tea rose, a little bit of fragrance and almost no thorns!

  6. Sunita, we call ours a tulip magnolia. My mom had one by her kitchen window and I fell in love with it. They can loose the entire years blooms if we have a late freeze, but if they stay they are a sight. This one was just labeled Magnolia at a flower club sale. I have had it 3 years and it looks like a shrub, but slowly some of the brances are looking like leaders. I am hoping to make it into a multibranched tree. It should stay under 15 feet tall,I hope!

  7. Oh Joey, it has just been horrible here. I have things blooming, but if you go outside you are just drenched. My kitchen garden needs handled, but I am letting it flop till it cools off!

  8. Great 'pink' post Brooke. Hope hubby is on the mend and doing cartwheels soon.

  9. Lovely pinks...here's hoping for a cool down around here too.


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