Thursday, July 8, 2010

We’re Still Blooming!


It seems I have done nothing but complain about this heat….(Limelight Hydrangea)


But I have many things in the garden that say…. “So what!  We can take it!!” 


Actually many things are really doing good.  (Henryii Clematis)


All of my Altheas or Rose of Sharon’s are bloming…. this one is Red Heart.


It is blooming it’s little heart out, I love that is a standard and will always be a small tree.


This is the first blooms on some new Queenly Purple Hollyhocks, I planted the seeds in April, and they are only about 20 inches high.  I will plant many more of these!


This is a favorite, it was marked Creme De Cassis, but I am wondering if that is wrong.  There are so many kinds, but it is pretty none the less.


My variegated  hydrangea, Light ‘o Day, is blooming this year.  Last year it did not.


They are pretty start to finish, these are new buds…. then they turn purple.


A wild mess of color…. but it is really doing good in the heat.


The zinnias are really bright and happy.  I love these.


They are fantastic in the new kitchen garden.


And the little verbenas from seed are so cute… they are many different colors.  They have just started blooming.


A little baby bird that was in the flower beds.  I tried to get him to a safer place away from my dogs.

So, as for the gardener, I have been outside only when I have to be.  Early morning and evenings.  We have had tennis camp this week, and then tennis and golf camp next week.  It is just too hot for that, but the kids and garden seem to be taking the heat better than I do!

Happy Gardening Everyone…..Brooke

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  1. Your Hydrangers seem to be coping with the heat better than mine and I love your Zinnia bed

  2. Hi Brooke. Your flower beds are just beautiful. I simply love your variegated hydrangea.I grew the Queenly Purple Hollyhocks from seed but they never survived last winter. It was so disappointing. Love your list of seeds and will have to get in on the swap.

  3. I can't get enough of the Limelight Hydrangea - well actually don't own one - too many deer and no shade at all - gorgeous gorgeous photos!

  4. Beautiful garden! I love your hydrangea.... I saw your seed swap too and I'll think about some things I want!

  5. Oh I hope you all can do the seed swap with me! I have been collecting almost everyday, and I really just want to get more plants. My garden club wants some too, which is fine, but it is better to get new seeds too!

    That limelight hydra. is fantastic. I was crazy about "Pinky winky" last year and did not pay much attn to the LL when I planted it. I am a pink person, but those soft creamy-yellow-green blooms are just popping out in the border. I think it can take some sun too, and it is stiff as a tree, no flopping at all. It is going to be a must have I think. It also looks like it will limb up easy to be a small tree shape.

  6. Brooke your flowers are just beautiful. I love your Limelight Hydrangea - the little center just seems to pop out making it look so dimensional. And the variegated Light ‘o Day is equally as gorgeous! What an adorable picture of the baby bird - hope he's doing ok. Thanks for stopping by today, it was good seeing you again. I've been having a hard time getting around to see everyone's gardens with so much to do outside. Now we're having really hot weather so I have to stay inside but that will give me a chance to go enjoy everyone else's gardens.

  7. Everything is looking great... I've tried a number of altheas here but they don't seem to do well with the exception of a blue purple one (Bluebird?). Actually i suspect that I should purchase them in spring instead of fall and they might stand a better chance of making it. I do like Limelight hydrangea, but they are taking forever to get some size to them. We have ben getting the high humidity here as well and it's not pleasant, but doesn't last indefinitely. Are you familiar with First Editions® Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea? check it out on the web... it looks amazing and I'm anxious to try it... Larry

  8. I love Light o' day! Darling bird, too, and thanks for saving it. Your rose of sharon looks pretty in the bed it's in. I really like your blog, Brooke!
    p.s. It's interesting that you have a HUGE dog as well as a TINY dog! I hope Scooby uses care in playing with little Riley!

  9. Congrats on getting the hollyhocks to grow from seed, everything looks happy-enjoy!

  10. I'm so glad to have found your site. I am a beginner gardner and can learn much from you. I do have heirloom seeds from last year. I'll take a look and tell you what I have.

    This is exciting!

  11. hi
    this is my first visit on your loveley blog and i love have so many beautiful flowers in your
    garden.....i love hollyhocks , roses and hydrangenias,too.
    have a wonderful time in your paradise,

  12. Larry, wow.... have you seen one in person? I found this pic on the web....

    Oh my, now another on my wish list!

    Beth- yes, but Scoob does really well. We even have 2 7 week old kittens right now and he leaves them alone. The only thing I worry about is if they go after his food bowl. But then I dont think he would hurt them, but it would definately scare them off!

    Welcome New Girls... yes, please come back when the trade list is final. I am sooooo excited to try new things and I have a feeling that is what I will be doing all winter is trading seed! Love that!!

  13. everything looks great. I'm with you on the heat... give me early mornings and late evenings.

  14. Beautiful garden! Hollyhocks are the flower that I remember most from my childhood. They impressed me then and they still do.

  15. Beautiful flowers and baby birds...I think your cup runneth over with spring/summer.

  16. Hi Brooke
    Thank you so much for stopping by the Back Porch and your lovely compliment. I went right over to Webgarden, had no idea about it. I'll be visiting again.

    Your gardens are beautiful.

    I would love to have a Limelight Hydrangea.

  17. Love those hydrangeas. Maybe I should try some here.

    Thank you for posting my blog on the WebGarden. I'm very honored.

    Have a great weekend. Hope it cools off for you.


  18. I love your blog! Great sound effects. The photos are beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing.


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