Monday, July 5, 2010

Seed List 2010…. For Sale or Trade

Seed List 2010
Blue Flax
Annual Catchfly
Foxy Foxglove
Sweet William
Annual Virginia Stock
Annual California Giant Zinnia
Annual Creeping Zinnia
Purple Coneflower
Annual Evening Scented Stock
Annual Rose Mallow
Maltese Cross
Blue Sage
Annual Cleome Rose Queen
Annual Shirley Poppy Mix
Firecracker Red Penstemon
Palmers Pink Penstemon
Tuber Vervain
Purple Rockcress
Annual Birds Eyes
Indian Springs Hollyhock Mix
Annual Moss Verbena
Scarlet Flax
Annual Saliva Palisades Mix
Annual Lavender Poppy

Coral Bells
Arizona Sun Blanket Flower
Dorothy Rose Columbine
White Hollyhock
Pink and Creme Hollyhock

Foxglove Purplerea

Purple Sensation Allium

My "Fancy Pink" Poppy with lavender centers---
Multi branched with up to 10 blooms per poppy!

If you read my blog, you know I grow everything I can from seeds or cuttings.
I love to see the cycle of the plants and how they thrive and multiply.
This summer my girls and I have been busy watching the seeds develop and
collecting them. We take them in the house and open them at the kitchen table.
Some people grow things to eat, I just grow flowers.... but I am proud of my
crop this year! I am currently drying seeds on my dining room table, and most will be
packaged and ready by late August. I will be offering what I call "bulk" sized
packages, with a good amount of seed in each one. No tiny little, cross my fingers
I have enough....but good sized amounts of seed. I also buy a bit in bulk and will
sell my extras, when I have them. But all the seed here is things in my own garden
and I can tell you how it has done for me and you can see it here on the site.
My prices will be $1.75 a package and combined shipping will be $2.00.
Most of my seeds will be limited quantity, and hand picked out of my own garden.
I am also very interested in trading seeds.... so if you have a seed list, email it to me at

Things I am always wanting to trade for....

Daylily (Seed or Starts)
Iris (Any color but Purple and Yellow)
Delphiniums (any color but blue and white)
Heirloom Seeds
Balloon Flowers (any color but Blue)
Hydrangea Cuttings
Bulbs... Spring, Lilly, Allium....ect.
Ground Covers

(Trades will not pay any shipping, we can just pay our own to get them sent.)

Thanks for looking and check back in a few weeks when they are ready!
I am sure I will be adding to this as the season goes along.
I am so excited to do this…. wish me luck on lots of new goodies and garden friends!


  1. i'll have seeds to trade soon as well...i already have larkspur ready.

  2. Hi Brooke, you grow quite a list of bloomers.

    Starting plants from seed is something I don't do a lot of. I mulch my gardens so heavily, seeds don't do very well. I make an exception for California poppies and remove the mulch until they get a good start. I really love them.

  3. Darla I would love some! Let me know!!

    Rene, me too. I have good luck with Magic fountains.

    Marnie, I hear ya, I just keep making new beds!


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