Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Picture This Contest....July 2010

Here is my July "Picture This" Entry.  It was a hard theme this month.
“Capturing the Intent of the Gardener"

“Capturing the Intent of the Gardener can be a much tougher photographic assignment than to photograph a plant portrait or a combination planting, since it tends to require a broader view of the landscape. Successful gardens tend to have some unifying principle, whether it be color, structure, formality, plant selection or something else. Find that principle in a garden and use your camera to create an image that conveys it through your eyes."

I just loved the view of the house through the wildflower garden.... I know there will be much better photos, but I like this one beause it captured the moment the blooms were at thier peak this past May.

You can see all the entries here....

Happy Gardening....Brooke


  1. What a lovely view, Brooke! Your wildflower garden looks so welcoming to any visitor; I think this is a great choice for this month's contest. Thanks for dropping by and visiting me; hope you're surviving this July heat!

  2. Thank you Rose, I am so behind in reading blogs... but my gardening is less now, and hopefully I can visit more...lol. I tell you, I was so busy with the garden tours, but now it is hot and nobody wants to be outside!

  3. Those flowers look so bright and cheerful like they're glad to be alive and grateful to have such a gentle caretaker. Great photo, Brooke.

  4. I like the angle on this shot. The coreopsis look so happy! They are one of my favorite flowers too, I have them in my prairie garden where they gambol all summer.

    Good luck with the contest.


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