Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lilies in the RAIN!


Yes, I said rain…. finally a bit of a shower this afternoon!


It has been so long, I just watched it thinking if I stopped looking it would quit!


It didn’t amount to a whole lot, about a quarter of an inch, but I’ll take it!


I wanted to take a few more pictures of the daylilies, they are just about finished.


But the candylilies  are  just beginning….


I have this color and a purple that has yet to bloom.  They are super easy to do from seed.


They do these fantastic seed pods, then you just plant them where you want them.  I usually forget where I have put them.  When they come up they look like and iris, but they are short and you soon realize it is a lily.


This is my last of the stargazers, they have all been so pretty this year.  I am leaving them alone to MULTIPLY!

Okay, I am sending this rain towards you!  I hope you get it soon and don’t have to water later!!

Happy Gardening…..Brooke

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