Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Iris in July…Oh My!


How Beautiful is This?  I got a bit crazy buying reblooming irises this year, and this is the only kind I had in my garden beforehand, Immortality. If you missed all of my iris talk, you can see a list of the ones I have now here.


This plant is about a year and a half in its spot.  It has two blooms now and four yet to go.  It did not get as tall as it did in the spring….but it is scented and so beautiful…. an Iris in July…. I love it!


I have a bit of a theme of white to start with…but it will be turning pink soon…. this is pink diamond hydrangea.


Here is the whole plant with some “Naked Ladies” … isn’t that a crazy name for a pretty flower!


This is the first year I have had them bloom, they were from that old garden I got all those plants from.  I think the real name of them is BellaDonna Lily…. but they are also called Surprise Lily, Magic Lily, or Naked Lady.  Lol…


This is probably the last of my other lilies to bloom…. I will miss them.


A few of the rugosas are still blooming…. but the hips are turning red and looking like fall.


Here you can see the morning glory growing up it and a few hips.


It has taken over the arbor and fence…. but hardly anyone sees it open in the mornings but me.


This kind is Grandpa Ott’s and I love the pink and deep purple combination on the blooms.  I grew a blue one last year, but I like this better. 


Same with this Cleome, I have grown the pink ones before and they are pretty.  But this white with a bit of pink is just perfect.  It is “Spider Flower Sparkler Blush Hybrid” from Park Seeds.  They are a dwarf, but still 4 feet tall, but did not flop at all and blooming for weeks.


I have already been saving tons of seed from these, they are a keeper!  I will have some on my trade list for sure.


The knockout roses are pretty this week in the butterfly garden.


And the Black Eyed Sue’s are out of control… can you say transplant?


I can’t seem to take a picture that shows how pretty this Hydrangea is right now… it is Serrata Preziosa.


Phlox and a Pinky Winky Hydrangea greet you as come up my walk.  They smell so good!


Morris the kitten followed me all around taking pictures.


Blue Satin Althea, a new one from Proven Winners.  Love the color.


A soft blush colored bloom from my Coquette des Blanches rose.


Henryii Clematis on the front porch railings greets you as you come in my front door.


My containers are still looking pretty good.  I am not a good container person, but these have been tough this year, I love the colors of the coleus I found with the big leaves.


Kim’s Knee High Coneflowers blooming by my front steps.  They have just bloomed their hearts out for me there.  Perfect!


Last but never least….. my Crepe Myrtle is finally blooming!  It is just a little one, but I have given it lots of room to grow!!

As you can see, I have a lot of things blooming on Fertilizer Friday.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. You have so many beautiful flowers blooming in your garden right now and you have irises!! That's crazy! Lucky you. I have Grandpa Ott's morning glories too. I didn't know what the name was until a commentor told me on my post.

  2. Love that Hydrangea. Its color is amazing. I also love the idea of reblooming irises. I will have to get some of them. Wonderful post!

  3. Wow! I'm at just blown away by the beauty in your garden. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your little heaven on earth!

  4. What beautiful flowers! Love all the pink and white. That clematis is lovely, as is the reblooming iris. Some colors, like the pink of your Preziosa Hydrangea, are so hard to capture. I don't do roses in my garden, yours are so sweet!

  5. Iris in July!! That's fantastic and what a bloom! And what a beautiful hydrangea, wow. All of your garden is so very, very lovely, thank you for the virtual tour.


  6. I love that little Morris.

    Cleome are one of my favorites but they don't grow for me.

    Happy Fertilizer Friday!

  7. You've got some beautiful things blooming right now. I am envious of your morning glories! I have a hard time growing them here believe it or not. The wild ones do fine but the colored ones struggle in my yard.

  8. it is all just gorgeous!!! your photos are so beautiful! I want some of those iris's...they never stay in bloom long enough...they are so pretty! Mine didn't even bloom this year as I just planted them...cant wait for next year!

  9. Gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you so much for the shoutout on your facebook page!! much appreciated!!!


  10. hi,
    your white iris is gorgeous!!!! all your flowers
    looks fantastic......i like the kim knee high coneflowers.
    have a nice time,

  11. Your summer bloomers are beautiful. I really like the color of that morning glory. Morning glories are a memory from my childhood, and you have reminded me I need to plant them in my garden. I guess it may be too late for this year, but I will make a note for next year!


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