Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hydrangea Update

Hello Gardening Friends!  Hope you are all doing well and keeping cool.  We have had plenty of rain this week, but along with it some damaging winds.  I had quite a few perennials and shrubs with damage.  All day yesterday I cut back butterfly bushes and weigelas that had been damaged.  It looks pretty radical now, but they will take off again with new growth.   Probably the butterfly bushes will look more fresh after pruning anyway.


It has been too hot and humid to garden, but I wanted to take some pictures of the hydrangeas and how nice they look right now.  This first one is Pinky-Winky.  As you can see it is just starting to turn pink at the bottom of the blooms.  This is it’s second year and it was my favorite from last year.  It has had a hard go with a few leaves turning crispy and brown a few weeks ago, but it seems to have rebound nicely and very pretty blooms today.


This next one is Limelight.  It has been such a surprise how much I like it.  It is just covered with blooms and it has stood up to the wind with no damage at all.  2nd year for this one and I am telling everyone who visits that they need to plant one.  I like it that well.


This one is Serrata Preziosa and it is so much more beautiful in person.  It has been all season.  It has darker leaves and red stems.  Very dramatic.


Here is a closer look, if that does not scream fall, I don’t know what does.  I have great expectations for this one in my garden.  This is the second year, but it was tiny when I planted them late last fall.  It is really going strong and a winner in my opinion.


This is my trusty ole Nikko Blue…. which has a few fresh blooms…. when you think of old fashioned mopheads, I think of this one.  But it is timeless, and I have given it more room this year to spread.


Aged blooms on the same plant…. I think it is beautiful that it starts out green… then pink…. then a marbled cream and pink. Locally you can find this variety for about $7, or they are super easy to root from cuttings.


This is my pink diamond, that is a bit of a mess, but I am trying to get it to be a small tree.  It is very woody and strong, so we’ll see what happens.  It took a long time to start blooming, but is very pretty.  It should turn pink as the season goes along.


And last but now least, my newest one… Summer Lace by Forever and Ever Hydrangeas.  It is brand spankin’ new to the market, so new it is even hard to find information on it.  I bought it in bloom, then they faded and it looked a bit dull and stressed for a few weeks…. Then about two weeks ago a ton of new growth and now more blooms.  I am very pleased with how it is doing so far and the lacecap colors are so pretty.

I recently did another post on hydrangeas, click here if you missed it.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. You have so many pretty Hydrangeas! I remember you had 'Pinky Winky' last year. Glad to see it's blooms since I added one to my garden this year. Don't you love 'Preziosa'? Mine is turning blue this year for some reason, I haven't changed anything from the previous years when it looked more like your blooms.
    Hope you don't have anymore storms so your plants can recover.

  2. Oh Brooke, these Hydrangeas are stunning. I have added a few to my garden this year and look forward to adding more....thanks for sharing the different varieties that you have.

  3. I really like Hydrangeas and your's are lovely. My poor bush (2nd year) has had a hard season. It started out doing well; then the deer ate all the buds off it (and I sprayed with "Skoot" to keep them away, so then it had mottled beige spots on the leaves); and now, the leaves have black spots like on the leaves of your Nekko Blue. Oh dear!

    Needless to say, with the munching that's been happening, I'm hesitatant to plant any more Hydrangeas. I shall have to live vicariously through you!

  4. Your flowers are so gorgeous and it makes your garden beautiful. It makes me feel that I am in an enchanted garden looking at your photos. I really admire your gardening!


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