Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot Colors and Cool Treats!

I know us gardeners we love all shades of green….
But let me tell you friends…. I have COLOR! 
Bright beautiful bursts of blue and yellows….
Glowing pinks and corals….
Magnificent Purples….
Does it get any better than blue blooms…. I think not.  (Clary Sage)
These vibrant colors are such a nice treat…..  (Hollyhock Queenly Purple)
They almost make all the heat and humidity bearable.
The candy lilies are in full swing…
Just plant the little black seeds where you want them and in one years time you will have a plant like this.  I now have them everywhere from one afternoon of sprinkling seeds.
Here is one I hope to have a whole bunch more of…. Kim’s Knee High Coneflowers…. it is late July and they are still only about 14 inches tall…. I love these!!!!   They advertise 50 blooms on one plant, and I have to tell you…. they might be right.  It is just spilling over with blooms.
Look close and see my butterfly friend….
Snacking on one of my favorite combinations phlox and seed verbena.  Colors that cannot be beat on these hot, hot, hot summer days.
Stay cool fellow gardeners…. and might I suggest hitting the ice cream isle… you deserve it!
Or be like me and get a strawberry banana smoothie from McDonalds…. they are not as good as Orange Julius’ but I don’t have to drive as far either!  Here is a recipe I found that claims it is the one they use….

1 (12 ounce) milk (skim is fine)
1 (6 ounce) frozen orange juice concentrate
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup frozen strawberry, pineapple and bananas, in pieces
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2-3 ice cubes

It sounds pretty good to me!!!
Happy Gardening….Brooke
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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You do have color!

  2. Beautiful colors surround you. The blades on the candy lilies look like Iris blades...

  3. I will have seed from them soon. Let me know if you'd like to trade. They are super easy to grow, but it takes about a year for them to come up, so you forget what they are and then you think they are iris... when they done bloom and stay smaller.... you remember they are lilies!

  4. What a great blog!
    I just became a follower.
    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog on blog frog.
    (I'm not sure how that works?....the blog frog thing?)

    Warm Blessings,
    Georgiann from ~The Garden Gate~

  5. Those are wonderful colors.

    I think I need some phlox. My mother always had it. Not sure why I don't.

    Have a good weekend.


  6. Beautiful garden. I just love it. You have so many lovely colors. And now I want ice cream. I think I'll go and make one of those smoothies. How yummy. Thank you for the great idea on this terrificly warm day,

  7. Love all the color! Especially the hollyhocks.

  8. I LOVE YOUR IDEA OF COLOR!!! WOW! what a great flaunt! thanks so much for linking in...your photos are outstanding!


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