Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ready for a Close-Up!



Good Sunday Morning Gardening Friends…..


It is getting ready to blow up a storm here.


It is really overcast and windy, but I had to shoot a few pictures…


Just incase the wind knocked a few blooms off.


We have been really busy here getting projects done.


Getting ready for the garden tour on June 19th.


So many things are blooming….. can you believe the size of this daylily?


And my Canterbury Bells are blooming for the first time!


I hope the foxglove holds on a bit longer, it has been lovely this year.


But the lilies are just perfect this morning.


I still have quite a few buds left, so my fingers are crossed.


Makes me glad I planted so many now!  Lol….


One of the first new hollyhocks to bloom…..


It is growing up the steps to the deck.


These look a bit messy, but wanted to remember that the lupines bloomed again for me this year after pinching them back.  They just bloomed once last year, but I collected seed…. see the “fuzzy bean” seedpod?  They are so neat.




One of my OsoEasy roses…. they are good doers.


This is a rose from that older garden I collected plants from, I did not know the color and it is a very pretty red.  It is fun to finally know.


White candytuft is such a great self-seeder for me, it will bloom twice, but nice green groundcover all summer.


Oh I love my groundcovers and these colors are so pretty with the rocks.


Another foxglove way in the back, hard to get a good picture.


Okay all you experts, does anyone know what this is?  Little sister and daddy brought it back to me after going for a 4 wheeler ride out here.  I planted it and it disappeared last year, but it came back and it blooming so pretty! 

Picture 174

I remember because I took a picture, is that not the sweetest thing…. bringing me flowers with roots!  I have them trained well!!  I’d love to know what it is…

Thanks for stopping by…. I need to get off of here and fix breakfast!

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. Beautiful flowers. The lilies are especially brilliant. And, an adorable flower bearer too!

  2. What beautiful blooms you have, and so many different ones. The picture that made me gasp with its' beauty and simplicity was the one of your white clematis.

    I don't have a clue as to what your sweet mystery blooms are, but they are lovely. What a great picture of your bearer of these blooms.


  3. Okay, I think I have it solved, it is pink babys breath, and I should have known that, but it looks so much like the plant from last summer. I do not remember planting that seed, but it is very possible. Anyway, it is really pretty. The clematis is Henryii, one of the best IMO, it is on both sides of the front steps porch rails... but only one of them is blooming. Thanks so much...Brooke

  4. Hi Brooke, I found you through Garden on Sherlock Street. What beautiful pictures of your flowers today. I hope your storms won't be too bad today. The little one with her pink glasses is a sweetheart bearing the lovely flowers.


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